May 10, 2017

Spain- The Land of Liveliness Amidst Serene Scenery

Spain, the vibrant nation with its blend of modernity amidst ancient culture is a must explore destination on your Europe tour. Flamenco dancers would bring thrill to your joyous self while the serenity of the Mediterranean is there to soothe your soul. The beaches at Costa del Sol would take you to a world where being unadulterated and unspoiled are the order and not something done deliberately. Vast stretches of white sands lying next to blue waters would mesmerize you with their charm and you would break all the shackles to soak in the beauty of the place. The city of Malaga close to the beaches must be a part of your Europe tour package. The old Moorish castle of Alcazaba de Malaga is one of the attractions you must include in your Spain tour. Built in the ninth century, the majestic castle showcases the powers of the Moorish rulers of the area and you would also admire the imagination of the creators to come out with such a majestic structure. The museums inside the castle are attractions that you would love to explore.

Sagrada Familia church is one of the attractions in Barcelona that has to be a part of your Spain package. It’s unconventional, it’s art and it needs vision to see the great imagination of the artist. The adventurous soul in you would love to admire this zeal for unconventional. The Great Mosque of Cordoba is among the largest in the world and even if you have no religious inclination, you would love the place for its architecture and the majestic powers. About forty-five kilometres from Madrid is San Lorenzo de El Escorial, the summer home of the kings of Spain and the moment you see that, you would know how opulent the nation was and how imaginative its artists were, and the tradition continues. Guggenheim Museum at Bilbao says a lot about the art scene in Spain and how it is promoted even in modern times in the country. The building of the museum itself is a work of art and inclusion of it in your Spaintour package would give the tour a new dimension; a thoughtful one. Spain has history, it has culture, it has serenity and it’s time you go for that perfect blend. As for creating your Europe package so that you explore Spain in a hassle free manner, you can rely on SOTC.  

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