May 10, 2017

Russia- The Vast Sprawl of Unexplored Amusements

Nature has endowed Russia with her bounties in aplenty and a Europe tour wouldn’t be complete without exploring this beautiful land of lakes and mountains. Just hop on the Trans-Siberian Railway to start your Russia tour and let your senses soak in the beauty of the verdant surroundings. One of the longest railway systems, the route will introduce you to this vast country and nothing can stop you from falling in love with the nation. On the way, get off at Lake Baikal and feel the impact of that azure beauty on your senses. The deepest lake that holds about twenty percent of the worlds’ freshwater is also surrounded by some of the most pristine mountains in the world and when you see them, the elation you get can never be explained in words. This ‘Pearl of Siberia’ would enrich your soul with its pristine beauty. You can also stay in the area for some days as there are a number of resorts to cater to your needs. Valley of Geysers on the Kamchatka Peninsula is another gift of nature to the mankind and is not only a place of interest for tourist but scientists too, as they throng the area to understand this wonderful creation of nature.

Kremlin at Moscow is one destination that must be a part of your Europe package as it showcases not only the opulence of Russia but also how the nation has preserved its artifacts and culture alongside. It is in this premise that the one hundred and ninety carat diamond is kept apart from other treasure troves too. Hermitage Museum at Saint Petersburg is another way the beautiful country showcases its arts and culture and it should be a part of your Europe holiday package. About three million works of art and related works from across the globe are showcased there and it’s not only the collections that attract, but also the way they are showcased. The structure housing them is also something that is worth exploring. Saint Basil’s Cathedral is another landmark in Russia that deserves inclusion in your Europe tour package as the architecture lover in you would love to spend substantial amount of time exploring this structure.  When the largest country in the world is there to explore, there is no reason you should stop yourself. As for creating your Russia tour package and customizing your itinerary, you can rely on SOTC. 

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