October 23, 2012

Underwater Sea Walk...!!

I am yet to experience the adventures of snorkeling and scuba diving. However, what I did enjoy a lot and which made me feel that being Alive is Awesome was the under sea walk in Mauritius. To plunge into the blue waters of the Indian Ocean with a glass mask and to walk on the sea bed with beautiful colourful fishes for companionship was an awesome experience. To have your body tickled by the fishes and to touch the sea bed and walk on it is an adventure that excites people of all ages. The under sea walk gives an insight into the life below the waters. It helps you understand how alive and awesome the water world is. I found the under water world to be more captivating than the one above it and once I came up I definitely felt it was an Alive Is Awesome experience!

This is a part of the adventure bathing campaign by Cinthol- Alive Is Awesome.

October 15, 2012

Christ and Tree...!!

 This famous frame from Old Goa which has a blessing Jesus Christ and a slanting tree marks the 100th post of Tales of a Nomad...!! Thank you all for your recommendations, comments, visits and wishes.

October 12, 2012

A Dip in the Waters...!!

My first memory of water bodies is that of the green ponds in the villages of Kerala. Children come running and then jump, splashing the water in all directions. That makes you Alive and Is an Awesome experience. From those ponds I have ventured into lakes, rivers, seas and oceans and experienced some memorable moments. I have plunged into the waters of Cauvery at Hoganekkal, splashed myself in the Arabian sea at Kovalam, Varkala, Malpe, Gokarna, Goa and Mumbai,  got drenched in the Bay of Bengal at Pondicherry and Kanyakumari, swam in the Indian ocean at Mauritius and plunged into the Andaman sea in Langkawi.

There are a couple of more things that I am eager to experience. The first would be cliff jumping into the cold waters of a lake or a river. Next would be a hot spring bath. The third one would be a midnight swim staring at the twinkling stars. Lastly I would love to stay afloat on the Dead Sea. This is such a small list and am sure there are loads of exciting adventurous bathing option in the world to keep me Alive and Awesome!!

This is a part of the adventurous bathing campaign by Cinthol- Alive Is Awesome.

In the Indian ocean at Mauritius

October 11, 2012

The Stopover- Book Review...!!

A picture speaks a thousand words is what people say. However in The Stopover, I felt each picture spoke a million words. The way the colours, the people and the moments have been brought together and blended into the intriguing stories makes the book an interesting read. The authors Ram Prakash and Deepa Pinto have woven stories from different corners of India and captured the essence of each one in detail, be it the Monks of Leh or the Todas of Nilgiris or the Toy makers of Channapatna. From the small snippets that I had a glimpse through, this photo fiction is truly and definitely a captivating one.

The book is officially releasing shortly. However you can pick up a copy of author's special release now- 


October 9, 2012

Under the Falls...!!

Does anyone have a count of the number of waterfalls in the world? It is a tough one. How about the number in your country? Still tough? How about in your state? I know these are tough questions and even keen travellers find it tough to keep a count of them. India has a long list of waterfalls which are big, wide and high. The most well known ones are Jog falls, Chitrakoot falls, Athirapilly falls, Courtallam falls, Shivanasamudram falls, Ethipothala falls, Dudhsagar falls, Dhuandhar falls, Meenmutty falls, Hoganekkal falls, Amboli falls and  Nokhalikai falls.

 Rather than just watching the water fall from great heights, it is best experienced under it.  Most waterfalls have a small trek over a couple of boulders or a small coracle ride to the base of the falls. The experience is truly thunderous and therapeutic.  Standing under the falls and having the white water thrash on to your body is absolutely refreshing. Add to that a dip in that cold waters at the base and you come out fully charged. It is definitely an adventurous bathing experience to have a shower under those mighty waterfalls.

This is a part of the adventurous bathing campaign by Cinthol- Alive Is Awesome.

Athirapilly falls

Agaya Gangai falls

Abbey falls

Hoganekkal falls

Jog falls
Me at Shivanasamudram falls

October 5, 2012

Gokarna- Ten Things to Do/See...!!

Gokarna which is a spiritual town on the western coast of Karnataka, offers a lot of options for the backpackers and tourists. Here is a list of ten must do/ see things in this coastal hamlet-

Mahabaleshwar temple-
 Gokarna has been known for ages as a spiritual town and the Mahabaleshwar temple next to the main beach of Gokarna attracts large number of pilgrims through out the year. The temple which is built in Dravidian architectural style is famous for its Atmalinga or Shivlinga which can only be viewed through a hole in the pedestal. A visit to this temple during Shivrathri would be a great experience as the town celebrates the big festival with a Rathyatra and other celebrations.
Walk through the alleys- The narrow dwindling streets and alleys of Gokarna with numerous cows for company is an interesting place to start your day. With temple paraphernalia displayed on both sides of the streets by the vendors, the place looks colourful, vibrant and religious. One can pick up rudrakshas, miniature shivlingas and many other interesting artifacts from the displays.

Hippies & Halakkis- This spiritual town is also known to be a hippie's paradise. People from world over land in Gokarna to explore the hippie lifestyle and to meet the hippies who have been visiting this place for many years. You can have interesting conversations with them and chances are quite high that you get inspired to live their lifestyle. Another genre of people one might see in Gokarna are the Halakki tribals. They still lead an ancient way of life and the women still wear traditional attire and distinct jewellery. They can be very easily seen on the streets of Gokarna selling vegetables, flowers and curios.

Gokarna beach- Even though the main beach of Gokarna is not the most preferred one by the travellers or tourists, this beach is definitely the most visited by the pilgrims. As per the customs, it is only after a dip in the waters of this beach can one enter the Mahabaleshwar temple. Even though the beach does not look very pretty with a lot of litter, a walk on the same early in the morning can leave one with a fresh mind and a blissful view of the Arabian sea.

Om beach- If there is something that is more famous than Gokarna itself in Gokarna, it has to be the Om beach. Renowned for its Om shaped appearance, this beach is a big hit with travellers. With numerous shacks and cafes, this is the beach where the foreign travellers head to escape the crowds of Goa. Its a long beach with rocks jutting out and serenity at its best. You can find hippies, Buddhist monks, European backpackers and the Indian nomads strolling on this beautiful beach. It is nice 6 kms drive over the hills with splendid views from Gokarna town to Om beach. A visit to Gokarna without a glimpse of the Om is definitely a crime.

Kudle beach- The second most preferred beach after the Om, it lies between the main beach of Gokarna and Om beach. Kudle beach also has a lot of cafes and shacks and invites numerous travellers during the peak season. The view of sunset on Kudle beach from the top of the cliff is breathtaking. One can also trek across the rocks and reach Kudle from Om beach.

Half moon beach- Walk towards the southern end of Om beach and a narrow pathway leads you through the bushes into the hills to the Half moon beach. The magnificent vistas of the Arabian sea can leave you awestruck. Approachable only by trek or on boat, this small beach in the shape of a half moon is a secluded one and a heaven for solitude seekers. The beach does not have any shacks or cafes and the only way you can spend time is by counting the waves or catching the crabs.

Paradise beach- Another secluded beach which gets active only during the peak season. It remains closed during the other half of the year. Paradise beach can be accessed by trekking further south of Half moon beach. Again, the accessibility is only by foot or by boat. Definitely a paradise for people who would love to stay away from civilization.

Catamaran ride- The fishermen on Om beach/ Kudle beach/ main beach are quite eager to take you on a boat/catamaran ride. Bargain well and head into the Arabian sea with them. A splash of the salty waters is sure to leave everyone refreshed. A catamaran ride from one beach to another is definitely exciting. Beach hopping cannot get better than this.

Namaste cafe
- The most well known shack in Gokarna is the Namaste cafe on  Om beach. The cafe cum shack has been carved out on a rock that leads to the beach. The restaurant faces the Om beach and is one of the best places to relax with a mug of beer in Gokarna. It has good rooms and the food is quite delicious. Their Tuna sandwich is one dish which every visitor must bite into.

A detailed post on Gokarna is here- https://www.talesofanomad.com/2017/04/gokarna-and-its-beaches.html
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