April 9, 2014

Tips while travelling to Coorg in the monsoons

Coorg, in southern Karnataka forms a part of the Western Ghats and is an ideal destination to visit across seasons. Monsoons, though considered off season, leaves this coffee country covered in lush greenery and a blanket of mist, and is quite the preferred time of visit for many travellers. Since it receives sufficient amount of rains from June to September, it is best advised to take note of a few points while travelling to Coorg during the monsoons.

1.      Coorg offers numerous trekking and camping options like Tadiyandamol and Brahmagiri and monsoon trekking is slowly getting popular. If there is anything that loves the rain as much as the trekkers, it is the leeches. Proper rain gears, vinegar, salt and lime can definitely be quite helpful against the blood suckers. The narrow paths on the ridges turn slushy during monsoon and trekking shoes with a good grip can help overcome that.

2.      Waterfalls like Irpu, Abbi, Mallalli, Chingara and Cheluvara are a delight to watch while it rains. The water flows at its thundering best and can leave anyone spellbound. The same waters leave all the rocks and boulders slippery due to its continuous overflow. Be sensible to not climb onto any of those rocks as it would be quite tough to grip them.

3.      Nagarhole national park and Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary in Coorg are some of the best wildlife parks that Karnataka boasts of. Dubare elephant camp is another interesting place of visit. However, these may remain closed during the monsoons if the rains turn incessant and hence checking with the concerned authorities beforehand is highly advised.

4.      Coffee plantations are synonymous with Coorg and a stay in one of them during the monsoons can be an enchanting experience. A walk through the plantations under one umbrella with your beloved might sound quite romantic. Leeches, small snakes and few other slimy creatures are sure to give you accompaniment. Make sure to wear high rubber boots if still you cannot resist the temptation, but wandering too deep is not advisable.

5.      For the adrenaline junkies, there are numerous adventure sport activities like river rafting, kayaking, canoeing, micro light flying, quad biking, zip lining and much more. While monsoon is when Barapole and Kaveri (rivers where water sports activities are conducted) has the best rapids, it is also advised to pre-check with the organizers about water levels and the risk involved while venturing into them during the torrential rains. The same applies for other adventure activities too.

6.      A drive through the curvy roads of Coorg lined with coffee plantations and magnificent vistas is a pleasure. However the roads might not be quite conducive for that leisurely drive during the monsoons. Drive cautiously as most roads are in bad conditions and some have unmarked speed breakers. Driving during the night in the rains is definitely not recommended.

7.      Coorg is a beautiful hill station away from the maddening civilization, where you would want to let go of your inhibitions. Age might not be a criterion when it rains and you would want to splash that puddle in front of your cottage and soak in that heavenly pour. Keep yourself dry and stay warm inside the room post the fun. As a precaution, it is advised to carry generic medicines in case a cold invades.   

8.      During the monsoons, temperatures drop and the best way to keep warm and dry is to wear appropriate clothing. Light rain gears, hooded jackets, high boots, many pairs of socks and an umbrella or two should definitely go into that suitcase. 

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April 3, 2014

The Evening Sky...!!

Sun splashing its myriad shades as it disappears between the many hills of Western Ghats while creating a colourful palette of the evening sky. December 2012.
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