June 24, 2014

Kuta- The Heart of Bali...!!

Kuta is the heart of tourism in Bali and understandably garners the biggest crowd on this beautiful Indonesian island. Despite the emergence of Ubud and other destinations like Kintamani, Seminyak and Nusa Dua, Kuta still continues to lure every traveller. Kuta is a lazy traveller's paradise. It does not have much to offer with regards to attractions, but the beach and Legian street lures hordes of travellers especially from Australia and Europe.

The vibrant Legian street is the most popular street in Kuta and has everything to keep the tourists, travellers and locals on a high. Many pubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, art galleries, massage parlours and a numerous shops selling a plethora of things make a bee line all along. With numerous options to choose from, people are spoilt for choice and the best way to explore this bustling street would be to go pub/ cafe hopping. The numerous restaurants offer a wide range of cuisines. The lovely music and the electric night life makes Legian street one of the most sought after avenues in Kuta. If not keen on drinking, it is also recommended to stroll along the lit up street in the night and enjoy the views and window shop.

Legian street

There are numerous narrow alleyways that connect Legian street to Kuta beach. It is a nice little 10 minute walk from the crowded Legian street to the beach. The alleys are lined with restaurants, massage parlours and shops renting surf boards and a wide range of merchandise.

Kuta beach is a long one and extends to Legian beach and further ahead to Seminyak. There aren't any beach shacks but the very popular Bintang beer is easily available on this beach. However, the street across has many restaurants and hotels, most of which are upscale ones. Surfing is quite popular and many foreign travellers are seen running into the waters in the evening with their surf boards to catch a wave. Children fly kites and men play volleyball as the sun mellows. Sunsets are spectacular as the sky turns into an artist's palette with myriad colours. Its an ideal place to enjoy the breeze, sea and watch people as the sun goes down the horizon leaving the waters and the sands gleam in the golden hue. The beach is clean, safe and has a wonderful mix of foreign tourists, Balinese locals, surfers and sunbathers . Weekends are usually overcrowded.

Surfing is quite popular

Kuta might sound cliched, crowded, bustling and noisy. However, this is where the life of Bali is and how much ever you want to keep away from it, Kuta reaches out to you like the waves that stroke your feet on its beach.

Location- Southern Bali
15 Kms from Denpasar

June 5, 2014


An evening frame of the skyscrapers of Dubai from a moving vehicle. June 2014.
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