June 17, 2020

Thumboormuzhi Dam and Butterfly Park

A spate of butterflies welcome as you walk through the large entrance gates of Thumboormuzhi dam and butterfly park. The check dam on Chalakkudy river in Kerala is enroute Athirapilly waterfalls and is a popular attraction on this road that leads further to Malakkapra and Valparai.

Fluttering and colourful under the bright sunlight, visitors can easily spot Buddha Mayoori, Blue Glassy Tiger, Garuda, Striped Tiger and more than hundred other species of butterflies here. It is an absolute eye soother to see them flutter around this park by the banks of Chalakkudy river. 

Further ahead lies and children’s park and then the hanging bridge over Chalakkudy river. The dam was built for irrigation of the farm lands in and around Chalakkudy area. A walk on the hanging bridge offers picturesque vistas of the gushing Chalakkudy river, Thumboormuzhi dam that checks its flow, rocks protruding from the river, hills in the backdrop and surrounding lush greenery. Across the bridge is Ezhattumukham, the other bank of the river, which offers an access to the waters and visitors can take a dip in the same.

While visiting the dam post monsoons is ideal as the river would be at its furious best, the butterfly season is prior to the monssons. Thumboormuzhi is an underrated one day getaway from Kochi and Thrissur which many skip in a hurry to reach Athirapilly waterfalls.

Travel Tips:

  • The dam is open from 9 AM to 5 PM
  • There are entry charges of INR 15 per person
  • There are a few shops that sell short eats and snacks on Ezhattumukham bank.

How to reach Thumboormuzhi Dam:

Thumboormuzhi dam is 45 Kms from Thrissur and 60 Kms from Ernakulam (Cochin). The dam lies on the Athirappilly road, and the nearest main town is Chalakkudy, 17 Kms away. There aren’t frequent public transportation services to Thumboormuzhi, and it is recommended to visit in your private vehicle.
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