February 23, 2021

An Evening at Inchathotty

We were racing against time and sped on the road that meandered through endless rubber plantations to Inchathotty. Though we couldn’t make it on time for the sunset, the orange hue that lingered over the horizon along with mist wrapped distant hills and lush green surroundings made a picturesque frame. It drizzled incessantly and the serene Periyar flowed without a gurgle below the popular suspension bridge at Inchathotty. We were awed by the pretty picture that nature painted, and gazed at it in oblivion until it got dark.

The walk on the bridge was an exciting experience, as it shook, and I was lost on whether to give into the allure of the landscape or worry about my next step. The bridge is only for pedestrians and is a great spot to enjoy the panoramic views and the charming countryside. At approximately 181 meters, this is apparently the longest suspension bridge in Kerala.

Inchathotty was like any other nondescript village until it garnered a lot of attention after this suspension bridge was built in 2012 to help commute between the villages on either banks of the river. There are activities such as kayaking that is on offer here. Inchathotty is a small village surrounded by forests along the banks of River Periyar near Kothamangalam in Kerala. Popular tourist attractions such as Paniyeli Poru, Bhoothathankettu Dam and Thattekad Bird Sanctuary are nearby. 

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