July 12, 2021

12 Years of Tales of a Nomad!

Some journeys are long, would require laborious effort to keep moving, and might even be crammed with perpetual obstacles. However, if it still brings a smile on your face, you are definitely enjoying that voyage.

'Tales of a Nomad' has seen tough times, where I have struggled to publish a single post in a month. There are articles and photographs that I have not really been happy about, but still gone ahead and published, because I had to feed the blog. On the brighter side, there have been numerous instances, when I felt content and loved writing my travel experiences. Like everything else in life, this ride of 'Tales of a Nomad' over the last 12 years has been full of adventure, filled with many highs and a few lows.

The picture above indicates that the sun is setting, but the splash of colours has made the sky beautiful; concrete structures can be spotted along the banks of the river, but it's largely lush green everywhere; the thorns on the bougainvillea might hurt you, but the flowers look gorgeous; there is a lot of weed floating on the waters, but it is still placid and looks beautiful. Despite the incessant changes it has witnessed over the years and the presence of innumerable hindrances, the river still flows nonchalantly! 

With travel taking a huge blow due to the tough times we live in presently, 'Tales of a Nomad' too might face hurdles and struggles in the future, but like the river, it too will continue the journey, bringing its followers many more travel stories.

Thank you for all the love you have showered over the last 12 years!

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