October 23, 2012

Underwater Sea Walk...!!

I am yet to experience the adventures of snorkeling and scuba diving. However, what I did enjoy a lot and which made me feel that being Alive is Awesome was the under sea walk in Mauritius. To plunge into the blue waters of the Indian Ocean with a glass mask and to walk on the sea bed with beautiful colourful fishes for companionship was an awesome experience. To have your body tickled by the fishes and to touch the sea bed and walk on it is an adventure that excites people of all ages. The under sea walk gives an insight into the life below the waters. It helps you understand how alive and awesome the water world is. I found the under water world to be more captivating than the one above it and once I came up I definitely felt it was an Alive Is Awesome experience!

This is a part of the adventure bathing campaign by Cinthol- Alive Is Awesome.


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