November 1, 2012

The Best of Tales of a Nomad...!!

When my blogger friend Bhushavali tagged me with seven questions about my blog, my first reaction was a smile. It gave me an opportunity to go through my old posts, introspect them again, and do an analysis of the performances of each one.
 So here we go-

1. My most beautiful post- CoastalCircuit- Unplugged...!!
The post about my solo ride to the coastal hamlets of Gokarna, Murudeshwar, Marawanthe and a few more is definitely my favourite and most beautiful one. I love the photographs and my personal experiences during the travel.

2.My most popular post- Tunes of the Dunes...!!
This write up on desert safari in Dubai has had more visitors than any other post to the extent that the hits on this one is more than double the second most popular post.

My post on Haleibid, Belur and Shravanabelakola has helped many of my followers and I have had quite a few friends enquiring about the place and its route. Hope it would help many more travellers in the future.

4.My most controversial post- Thankfully Tales of a Nomad does not have any post which has become controversial and I hope it will not have any in the future too.

5.A post whose success surprised me- Belum Caves- Deep Down Under...!!
I never thought that the success of a post could be this surprising till I wrote about Belum caves. The number of hits, visits and comments for this post has really been extraordinary. It is also one of the most popular posts on Tales of a Nomad.

6.A post that I thought did not get the attention it deserved- Taj Mahal-The Symbol of Love...!!
Probably because Taj Mahal is one of the most popular destinations across the globe, made this post of mine an ignored one for long. I was actually surprised to find very few visitors for this post and definitely feel that it did not get the deserved attention.

There cannot be a better post that am proud of than the one on Varkala. It was my favourite for a long time till the coastal Karnataka one came along. It is my first post, the travelogue whose success made me write more and complete three years of blogging with more than 100 posts. Extremely proud of my first post.

Now to take this tag forward, here is my list of 5 fellow bloggers who need to analyze their posts-


  1. Hi,

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  2. i think you are most successful blogger...

    thanks for sharing

  3. I knew your post on Belum Caves would be a hit. I hope you have removed some of these best quality pics, unless u want them stolen. :)

    Thanks for the tag, though I am not sure if I will do it.

  4. That is a useful tag! A wonderful compilation showcasing the best, will go through them. Many thanks for sharing the links.

  5. i will check out all of the posts and choose my favorites too!!

  6. Great...shall go through the links. The first two are, of course, new to me...Thanks!

  7. Interesting as well as a great work done... Introspection always helps to analyse ourselves. I am sure going through all the posts would have been a lovely, nostalgic experience..

    1. Thank you. It was indeed a great experience. Keep dropping by.

  8. Thank you. I am helping myself. I wanted to learn about some of them.

  9. I haven't been to some of those posts. Shall come by a little later and do that. Thank you for directing me to your best posts.

    Hey, and thank you so much for thinking about me. I'll put up a list of my favorite posts soon. Thanks again. Thanks a whole ton. I love the idea. :)

    So sorry about the absence and the late reply to your comment on my last post. Have a great week Niranjan. :)

    1. Glad to know you loved the idea. Looking forward to you best posts.

  10. Thank you for sharing the whole content of this article, everything you say and the image is very good, I will refer and share it with friends, thank you and good luck.


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