November 7, 2012

Rain Rain Come Again...!!

The moments I felt most refreshing with my body turning alive and my soul feeling awesome have been whenever I got drenched in the rains. The droplets turning into heavy pours dousing me with fresh cold waters has always been the Alive is Awesome experience. No waterfall or oceans or lakes or dives have given me so much of excitement and refreshment that the rains have.

For  a motorcycle lover like me, getting wet to the last thread on your body while on a ride is an experience which can never be put into words. People who have experienced it would definitely second that. The rain splashing on to your face, wiping the visors for better visibility, plunging into those mud pools, trying to lick those rain drops off your nose tip and shivering as the rain gets harsher are such exciting experiences which would always remain memorable. (The last time this happened to me was on my ride from Baga beach to Anjuna beach in Goa, a month back).

On a cloudy day I wait for the clouds to open up so as to walk down the alleys and make the walk a refreshing one. With blooming flowers and the green environment for companionship, getting a natural bath under the dark cloudy sky is one way to get close to nature. It makes your body, soul and everything related to you without doubt, lively. Is there a better way to make your bath an Alive is Awesome experience than get wet in the rains?

This is a part of the adventure bathing campaign by Cinthol- Alive Is Awesome.


  1. You remind me one of my bike ride Niranjan... Very interesting post...

  2. Couldn't agree more. Rains are indeed an experience, and as you've rightly said a very awesome one at that!

  3. I love getting drenched! I had one similar experience when hiking in Hawaii. Pouring rain and the thick green around. Awesome!

  4. Nothing can beat the joys of'natural bathing'...I love walking in the rain :)

  5. Sweet! Here it is cloudy and rainy almost every day. I used to love getting drenched. but now, I could do with some sun :)

  6. Oh yes.. I second you on everything.. I still remember those days when I used to cover the distance between my college and home on bike amidst the rain water..
    "Joy's of Rain's "..

    :) :)

  7. A walk in the rain -- awesome experience indeed! I just had my first walk in snowfall and that was awesome too. ;)

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