September 29, 2016

Places to Visit near Kaas Plateau- Thoseghar falls, Sajjangad fort and more

The flowers on Kaas plateau are such that they would never let you leave. You would never feel satiated even with the numerous species of flowers you see at Kaas Plateau, and the desire to stay back to explore more is always there. Such is the lure of Kaas plateau. However, when you want to move beyond the flowers, there are many attractions around Kaas plateau and Satara.

A short stroll away from the plateau is the beautiful Kaas lake near the car park area. Though a portion of it is visible from the top of the plateau, as you walk down, the mist engulfed lake opens up with green hills in the background. It is quite a serene place in the evening when the crowd dries up and all that you have is nature. There are a couple of tea stalls here to enjoy some hot tea and a quick bite by the lake.

Kaas lake
The road further from the lake goes winding through the hills and takes you to Bamnoli, a small sleepy hamlet amidst the hills by the large Shivsagar lake. The village looks almost abandoned with dilapidated structures, a couple of them water washed due to high tide. The boat club here offers a ride on the expansive Shivsagar lake which is well recommended. Shades of blue and green splash all around as the boat floats away to the tune of the tides.

Shivsagar lake

Thoseghar near Satara is probably the biggest attraction close to Kaas with its magnificent falls. The sprawling green hills and the intimidating windmills en-route Thoseghar falls are a delight to watch. A short walk through a park leads to the vantage point which offers magnificent views of the Thoseghar waterfalls.The horse shoe shaped gorge has multiple falls, both plunge and cascading ones which flow through the valley into oblivion. The plunge falls definitely is the most breathtaking one. Watch closer and you may notice numerous birds flock together near the falls. The gorgeous green background gels well with the gushing white waters to form a beautiful frame. All that you would want to do here is gaze in silence.

En-route Thoseghar

Windmills of Chalkewadi

Thoseghar falls

Cascading falls at Thoseghar
Between Satara and Thoseghar lies Sajjangad fort atop a hill, which is visible from a distance. As you take the steep climb up to the fort, the panoramic vistas of the hills and valleys open up. Built in the 14th century by the Brahmani emperors, the fort changed hands to Adilshah, Mughals and Shivaji over the years. The fort is also where Sant Ramdas was laid to rest. Presently there are numerous shops catering to the needs of the visitors apart from a temple, a pond and a few other structures.

Sajjangad fort seen from a distance

Views as you climb the fort

Steps leading to the top of the fort

Shops selling a plethora of things

The fort as a few large entry gates
Ajinkyatara fort, very near to Satara is another attraction which offers lovely vistas all over. Satara definitely has quite a few interesting places apart from Kaas plateau, and all these can be clubbed together as a two day getaway from Pune/Mumbai.

Location- Satara is 125 Kms from Pune
Satara to Kaas lake- 26 Kms
Satara to Bamnoli- 35 Kms
Satara to Thoseghar falls- 26 Kms
Satara to Sajjangad fort- 16 Kms

Accommodation and Food- There are numerous accommodation options (both budget and mid category) in Satara. There are also accommodation options in Kaas. All the above mentioned places have small eateries nearby, most of which serve the local cuisine. Vada Paav and tea are easily available.


  1. Covered up nicely. I hope you saw the view from rear side of sajjangad. That's the money shot. Evergreen Satara n the misty chalkewadi.

    1. Thank you, Shilpa. I think I missed out on that view.

  2. Beautiful and scenic locales. I would love to be in this place.

  3. Beautiful place... Nicely written and pictures are beautiful...

  4. The falls is so very beautiful...I must visit the place next year :)


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