September 14, 2016

Kaas- A Plateau of Flowers!

As much as people await the monsoons after a harsh summer, nature enthusiasts, botanists, and flower lovers eagerly wait for that short window period after the rains to head to Kaas Plateau where a bevy of unique flowers bloom to form a colourful bed. In full bloom it seems like nature has splashed a palette of colours all over the plateau. Amidst the rocky patches and puddles, shades of blue, pink, yellow, white and many more spread out. Though it may sound cliched, it definitely seems like a carpet of flowers in various colours. This UNESCO Natural World Heritage site is a part of the western ghats and is home to numerous endemic and endangered species of flowers and plants making it a rich biodiversity region.

Kaas Plateau is situated in Satara district of Maharashtra and is locally referred to as Kaas Pathar. Though the road from Satara to Kaas cuts through this flowerful stretch, the place has been neatly fenced to avoid trampling by visitors and travellers. Officials have put in their best efforts to make sure the rich biodiversity of the place is well conserved. Vehicles can be parked a kilometer away from Kaas Plateau near Kaas lake. The walk up to the plateau offers nice panoramic views of the lake and hills before the flowers catch your attention.

Impatiens Lawii
Pleocaulus Ritchiei

Cyanotis Tuberosa

Zingiber Neesanum
Impatiens Lawii

Linum Mysurense (yellow flowers)

Utricularia Purpurascens

View of Kaas Lake from atop the plateau
P.S.- All the above pictures were taken on 6th September 2016.

It is best advised to visit early in the morning (from 7AM onward). There is a restriction on the number of people who can visit per day and not more than 3000 are allowed. Booking your visit can be done at the entry gate or through their website- There are time slots of 3 hours each which you can choose from. Though it may not be crowded during week days, it is recommended to book in advance if you intend to visit during weekends. The blooming period is usually from mid August until end of September.

Location- 24 Kms from Satara and 125 Kms from Pune. One can also reach Kaas from Mahabaleshwar via Tapola road and Bamnoli.

Attractions near by- Thoseghar falls, Vajrai falls, Sajjangad fort, Ajinkyatara fort, Bamnoli boat club, Kanher dam and vistas of Koyna river.

Food- There are a couple of tea stalls near Kaas lake (near car parking) where you can gobble down maggi and omelette with a hot cup of ginger tea. A few small restaurants are present before the plateau while travelling from Satara.

Accommodation- Kaas Holiday resort and Kaas Village resort ( are the recommended options close to the plateau.


  1. Beautiful. This is in my wish list for long time now.

  2. Such a tempting array of pictures!

  3. And that's the best pookalam we will ever see..cheers

  4. Superb. Nature's wonders beautifully captured.

  5. Nice!! This place is in my wishlist for a long time.

  6. ocean of flowers...are there any budget staying options in Khaas? Also how many days is required for Khaas? Thanks

    1. Glad you liked it. Not much of budget stay options. Those 2 options mentioned are pretty decent and not expensive. Keep a day for kass and its surroundings.


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