September 2, 2016

5 Reasons why Malaysia is truly Asia

If you need a proof of why Malaysia is so representative of Asia, take a glance at these five Malaysian things to do and you’ll ask for no further confirmation.
Let us say at the outset that if you’ve got a Malaysia visa recently, you’re in for the treat of a lifetime. And here’s another nugget of information: you’re never ever going to complete seeing all of Malaysia, even if you keep returning.

While it has some of the best architecture and infrastructure this side of Asia, it also balances its contemporary modernity with several throwbacks to its rich cultural heritage. So, where you have skyscrapers and theme parks, you also have heritage villages and flea markets. You can shop for the latest clothes fresh off the runways of Paris and Milan, or take a trek to the most beautiful peaks in all of the land. In short, you can have the holiday you wish for, because Malaysia has something to please every single visitor.
You can gorge on the most exotic and delicious street food or enjoy an elegant evening with friends at the best fine dining restaurants. Being in Malaysia during festival time is great: due to its diverse ethnic leanings, there are many religious festivals celebrated here with equal gusto. Plus, you can travel to the most stunning locations and the glitziest tourist spots from Kuala Lumpur. Adding to all of this charms is the fact that the locals here are extremely warm and welcoming towards tourists.

If you’re wondering how to give direction to your Malaysia holiday, here is a list of five must-have Malaysian experiences below. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but it will get you started on the best Malaysian holiday ever. 

1. 272 steps leading to a cave

Have you ever climbed more than 50 steps at a time? If you have, you know they left you slightly out of breath. Now imagine that you have to climb 272 steps through a rocky formation to reach these dark and exquisite caves in Malaysia. Batu Caves houses one of the finest and most revered cave temples with limestone formations on its walls, the Lord Murugan deity is installed with pride and pomp here. If you want to visit this temple, It is recommend you do so during the Thaipusam Festival where you can join a procession of deities to the temple amid much fervour and blowing of conch shells.

2. Drink tea at BOH Tea Plantation

Seriously, why would you go all the way to Malaysia to have a cup of tea? You wouldn’t ask this question if you had the remotest idea of what the BOH Tea Plantation at the Cameron Highlands has in store for you. There’s something to be said about savouring a cuppa of your favourite drink at a site seemingly perched in the clouds. Located high up above the ground, it normally has pleasing, slightly nippy weather. Add to that the scenic views from your vantage point, the sheer expanse of tea plantations and the various orchards that grow strawberries, many local vegetables and the most gorgeous flowers in abundance. Sit back and let a piping hot cup of Cameronian tea warm you at this site.

3. Walk through Malacca

If you’re into history and heritage conservation, this one is (literally) right up your alley. It is one of the best known and well preserved UNESCO World Heritage City that boasts of red mosaic buildings and a laid-back vibe from another time. Despite its haloed status, it is a bustling town that goes about its business come rain or shine. Malacca attracts several students of architecture, art and history from around the world, photographers, archaeologists and historians. Plus there are the tourists and city slickers from Kuala Lumpur, so you’ve got a full house most days. Apart from looking at its beautiful buildings, you can stroll through the streets, eat street food (try the fried chicken balls, oh yum!) and even shop for clothes and artefacts.

 4. A range of treats at Genting Highlands

Located atop Ulu Kali Mountain, Pahang, this one is a prime resort that attracts more visitors than any other tourist attractions in the area. This is because it features theme parks, a casino, an excellent hotel and many entertainment points. Check out the famous Genting Bowl and Snow World if you like fast games. Some parts of the place are temporarily closed because the Twentieth Century Fox Theme Park is being built over here. But you can still enjoy the rides at Sky Venture, Snow World, Genting Bowl, Fantasy World Video Games Park and First World Indoor Theme Park.

5. Shop till you can’t any more in Langkawi

What’s better than a hot shopping space in Malaysia? A hot shopping space that is also gorgeous to look at! If you have a case of the shopping flu, just head to Pulau Langkawi which is scenic enough with its many beaches, mangrove lands and rain forests. Add shopping to the mix, and you have yourself a day (or two) of shopping till you are staggering under the weight of your many bags. Most of the Malaysians come here to shop, and it draws several tourists everyday who indulge in duty free shopping. So, you can stock up on cigarettes, chocolates and alcohol because you don’t need to pay tax on them.

Malaysia is chock-a-bloc with many such unique experiences, so it is suggested that you get your Malaysia visa first. You can then customise your Malaysian holiday, the way you desire, but do include the above five experiences in your Malaysia holiday package.

P.S.- This is a sponsored post.


  1. One of my friend cancelled his trip to Malaysia recently...Let me share this post with him. Thanks

  2. That looks like a good list. But it's your writing that makes it all so inviting. Great job, yeah, nomad. :)
    Have a lovely weekend. :)

  3. I have desire to visit Malaysia only two visit Borneo Rainforest

  4. And they have Borneo too which I am yet to visit!

  5. Great! But I was expecting more photos :-)

  6. Agreed. Have been to all these places but there's much more to it like east Malaysia.
    Was expecting more photos here. :-)

  7. Have done only #1 and #3... Meanwhile heard Visa fees have been increased to 6k?


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