June 28, 2021

Evening Frames from Munambam Beach

It was an impromptu visit to Munambam beach, and we were right in time to see the sun recline for the day. Periyar river nonchalantly disgorged itself into the Arabian Sea at Munambam beach, and we strolled on the long walkway that runs parallel to it. Chinese fishing nets dotted the beach, fishermen went about their chores, a few visitors tried a fun banana ride, and the gentle sea breeze blew past me, as I gazed at the horizon in oblivion. The tranquil setting and the evening sky with a tinge of orange hue as the sun went down, offered picturesque frames.

Nestled in the northern tip of the island of Vypeen, Munambam is primarily a fishing harbour, which has gained popularity in the recent times. Away from the beach at Cherai, which is a more popular one on this stretch, Munambam beach is about 33 kms from Ernakulam town (Cochin). 


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