May 22, 2012

Kissing the Arabian Sea...!!

When in Cochin, the best option to wet your feet or immerse yourself into the salty sandy waters of the Arabain sea is Cherai. Situated at a distance of 30 Kms from Cochin, this recently beautified beach is situated on the northern part of Vypeen, an island close to Cochin. 

When I rode past the backwaters and numerous prawn farms on both sides of the road, the orange sun was all set to retire for the day. The beach was quite crowded with families loitering around, children playing all possible sports, youngsters splashing the waters, hawkers selling everything from ice cream to groundnuts and a few serious kite flyers. After spending a considerable amount of time staring in oblivion at the azure sea, the silver sands and the setting orange sun I rode back to Cochin.


The beach offers many hotels, resorts and restaurants for the visitors. Cherai is one of the most preferred getaways from Cochin and visitors spend lovely evenings walking along the long shore and taking in the beauty of the setting sun. Munambam beach which is a few kilometers from Cherai is also gaining importance on the tourist map. Vypeen light house gives a mind blowing expansive views of the Arabian sea and surrounding greenery. Other places of interest are Lady of Hope church and the chinese fishing nets in Vypeen.

Signing Note- One of the best beach getaways from Cochin...!!

Distance- 30 Kms
Route- Cochin- Vallarpadam- Ochanthuruthu- Nayarambalam- Cherai


  1. How beautifully serene! Love the shot where the kite frames the setting sun.. wonderful.

  2. The sea seems to be quiet for Kerala coast. Beautiful sunset pictures.

  3. Enchanting & mesmerizing images from the beach.

  4. Very nice photos. I quite like the one with the kites!

  5. These are some really amazing and fantastic shots !! Great Photos!!

  6. Great pictures! The sunset is spectacular. Brings back some of my great memories from Cherai. I especially love the sunset from the backwaters

  7. Wow.. the one with kites is superb!!

  8. calm and nice :)

  9. The colors of sunset, you caught them so well.

  10. Beautiful once again. I have explored the hinterland. I was at this beach as well. Not a single soul was in sight. We were fools for being there at mid day. There were some umbrella shaped palm leaf covered structures and the work was in progress.

    1. Thank you. It been beautified recently and now its quite a crowded place during the evenings and weekends.



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