September 29, 2018

iCity Leisure Park, Selangor

Spread over 72 acres, i-City in Shah Alam comprises of corporate spaces, residential apartments, shopping malls, hotels and leisure parks. Though it is mainly a technology park, it is often referred as the City of Digital Lights due to the numerous man made trees that get illuminated by LED lights as the sun sets. The leisure park with fountains, Snow Walk, Water World, Red Carpet, Trick Art museum, House of Horror and Itsy Bitsy is a major attraction for kids and families.

Dancing waters is a spectacular show in the evening with water jets and lasers blending to the tunes of music. There is a Mist Fountain which creates thick fog to give a beautiful blurry view of the colourful lights.

The theme park has rides such as Superswing, Spacewalk, 2- Tier Carousel etc. which are a favourite with both kids and young adults.

The Water theme park with its rides, splashes and pools offers great thrills and aquatic adventures to visitors. The popular rides are Giant Jacuzzi, Children’s Aladdin Adventure pool, Wave pool, River Adventure through LED lit grottoes and Spiral rides. The Tornado ride is another popular ride which offers immense adrenaline rush.

Itsy Bitsy is an edutainment place for kids and also allows parents to spend time with them. It also has a few rides such as Mini Pirate Ship, Rocking Chaise Car and Fitness JR which tests the stamina of kids.

Most of the entertainment parks these days have one area designated to horror and spooky experiences and iCity too has one- House of Horror. Spread over more than 15,000 sq ft, and with the help of machines and electronics, they have created ghostly characters and nightmarish experiences. With spine chilling moments and spooky encounters, the house is sure to give every visitor an eerie feel.

Trick Art museum spread over two floors offers an interesting experience with optical illusions. It also features art themes based on Egyptian, Animals, Marine life, Masterpieces and Modern Classics.

Red Carpet is one of the major highlights of this entertainment iCity Leisure park as it is Malaysia’s first home grown wax museum. Opened in 2013, the museum has a huge collection of wax statues of celebrities from world over. From Political leaders to film actors to sports stars to legends from other fields, the museum has more than 60 statues.

Snow in Malaysia? This might be a question that might pop up in your mind as you walk into Snow Walk. It is one of the earliest of its kind in South East Asia and has 50,000 sq ft of area controlled at below 5 degree celsius. It also has 100 tonnes of ice sculptures and a play zone such as ice sliding, snowman making etc. Snow Walk creates a polar like experience with snow falls. Jackets and boots are provided to every visitor before entering the snow area.

The leisure park at iCity is a fun place for kids and families to enjoy some memorable moments amidst the rides, snow, statues and the colourful lights. The place also has restaurants and shopping avenues to keep the elders occupied while the kids have fun.

P.S.: I was in iCity on an invitation from Malaysia Tourism board, but opinions are completely mine.


  1. Looks like there is a lot to do here. Looks colouful and attractive too. :)

    1. Yeah, the lighting brings the place alive in the evenings.


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