June 21, 2017

Rome in Pictures- 27 Frames from the Eternal City

'Rome wasn't built in a day'. As you stroll around the city gazing at its magnificent structures, elegant churches, theatrical piazzas (squares), pretty fountains, breathtaking artworks and gorgeous architecture, that statement keeps reiterating. Great creations take time, and Rome which was the capital of the huge Roman empire apart from being a flourishing city during the renaissance era is a testimony to the same.

The Colosseum was one of the wonders of the world and is the largest amphitheater to be ever built

Insides of the Colosseum

The Arch of Constantine was erected to commemorate the Roman victory in the battle of Milvian bridge

Ruins of the Roman Forum

The colourful interiors of Basilica di San Francesca Romana

Trajan's market in Imperial Fora was one of the ancient shopping areas in Rome

The expansive Piazza Venezia

Vittorio Emanuele monument looks beautiful and intimidating

The magnificent Pantheon

Pantheon is believed to be the temple of all gods

The horse shoe shaped Piazza Navona is probably the most beautiful one in Rome

Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi in Piazza Navona symbolises the great rivers of four continents-
Rio de la Plata (Americas), Danube (Europe), Ganges (Asia) and Nile (Africa)

The beautiful roads of Rome are lined with gorgeous buildings

The beautifully carved altar and painted walls of Chiesa di San Agnese in Agone

Chiesa San Luigi dei Francesi has a well decorated ceiling

The astonishing Fontana di Trevi

Piazza del Quirinale houses the statues of Castor and Polluix with their steeds

The charm of cobbled streets

Fontana del Tritone at Piazza Barberini

The ever popular Scalinata Della (Spanish Steps) with Trinita dei Monti in the backdrop

The bustling Via del Corso is the sophisticated shopping street in Rome

The stunning interiors of Basilica dei San Ambrogio E Carlo

Basilica San Giacomo has wonderful artwork allover 

The Church of Gesu E Maria is known for its beautiful paintings on the ceiling

The interiors of Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli

Piazza del Poppolo is an open air theatre where three shopping roads culminate

Piazza Del Poppolo as seen from Pincio gardens with the dome of St. Peter's Basilica of Vatican in the backdrop


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