October 15, 2023

Kattikayam Waterfalls

 Kottayam, Kerala. August 2022


  1. Thanks for this blog, I'm really looking for this kind of activity but do you have any blog about the reason to visit davao city in the philippines?

  2. As a leading trekking company in Nepal, we enjoyed reading this well-written travel blog covering various destinations in India. The vivid photography and descriptions of places like Chimmini Dam, Areekal Waterfalls, and Koorumala Viewpoint made us feel like we were right there exploring alongside the author.

    We were particularly interested to learn about the coracle boat ride at Chimmini Dam and the misty views from Koorumala Viewpoint in the early morning. The area seems filled with natural beauty and potential for outdoor adventure. The focus on lesser-known spots off the main tourist trails was also appealing.

    While we arrange treks through Nepal's Himalayas, not the Western Ghats, reading this post sparked inspiration for future travels within India as well. There is so much diversity to explore, even within a single state like Kerala. We hope to discover more about India's wealth of nature, culture and history on future trips. Stories from passionate travelers like this blogger motivate us to keep uncovering new destinations. Thanks for spotlighting some intriguing places and experiences!

    1. Glad to hear this. Hope you get to explore the lesser known destinations in India. Happy travels!
      Thank you.


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