September 17, 2023

Frames from the Backwaters!

Vembanad Lake, which forms a part of the backwaters of Kerala, is a captivating place where one can unwind, enjoy stunning landscape views, go on a boat ride, watch fishermen go about their daily chores, gaze at spectacular sunsets, stroll past lush paddy fields, get drenched in the rains, watch snake boat races, and enjoy some spicy 'Shaap food' with toddy.

Below are a few frames from this mesmerizing land.


Backyards can't get any prettier

It ain't always fun in the rains

The adrenaline rush while watching the boat race is unbelievable

For those who would like to take it slow

Racing past the 'Kettuvalloms'

How do you avoid the cliched frame?

A beautiful frame enroute R Block

Some homes here have stunning views

When nature leaves you stunned!

When backwaters made way for water lilies

A frame that reminds of Kochi

Life isn't always fair, even on this surreal land

Can gaze at this frame in oblivion

The moment nature took out the palette and turned into an artist


  1. All the frames are Blissfully Beautiful 😍✨🪷

  2. I have been reading this blog for the last a couple of years. I appreciate the hard work and commitment of the blogger.


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