September 15, 2022

Why Dubai should be on your list to visit during Diwali

There is no better location to spend Diwali than Dubai with a Dubai tour package, where there are exciting events, family-friendly entertainment, and unforgettable gastronomic delights. With spectacular fireworks displays and alluring promos, the city ushers in the Festival of Lights, making it one of the largest and brightest ever!

The beaches are not the only places to visit in Dubai during Diwali. At the Bollywood Parks, you may also take part in the celebrations with your family and friends. It is among the greatest locations for a Bollywood-style Diwali celebration. By the Waterfront Promenade at the Dubai Mall is another fantastic location where people love to spend Diwali in Dubai. People find it fascinating to see the beautiful artistic cruise on the sea.

Therefore, you should not miss a chance to be a part of these unmissable treats if you are in Dubai during Diwali with an international tour package!

1. Dubai Creek for Fireworks

Every Diwali celebration in Dubai is illuminated with fireworks, which are also the only ones that are legal in the city during this holiday. Thousands of people enjoy a spectacular fireworks show with their loved ones.

2. Bollywood Parks

Numerous Bollywood celebs appear in performances and numerous concerts are held here by well-known singers. Some of the most popular Bollywood films are shown in the theater, and an Indian street food festival is also held there.

3. Al Seef festivities

The Diwali Mela at Al Seef is the place to go if you want to experience Diwali in Dubai in the same manner as it is celebrated in India. You may create vibrant rangolis and get henna patterns applied on your hands. Al Seef also takes in a number of Bollywood acts and concerts with lots of music and dancing that you can enjoy.

4. Waterfront Promenade at the Dubai Mall

Witness an exhibition of floating art on boats that use the water as a canvas to show off a lovely image to its viewers.

5. Witness The Burj Khalifa Diwali Light Show

There will never be a more spectacular Diwali light show than the one on the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The Burj Khalifa, the highest structure in the world, puts on a light show for this event, which you can witness in Downtown Dubai.

6. Enjoy Your Diwali Dinner In Patiala

Patiala restaurant is named after the Indian city with the same name. A unique menu of mouthwatering Diwali treats is available at this souk Al Bahar restaurant during their ten-day Diwali celebration. Enjoy the authentic Indian flavor at the most popular Indian event in a luxurious setting.

7. Global Village

One of the greatest sites to see fireworks in Dubai during Diwali is Global Village. Along with fireworks, you may enjoy exotic and traditional cuisines, spectacular light shows, live entertainment, and a few shopping opportunities.

8. Masala Bazaa

Enjoy a delectable Diwali feast including a variety of India's best culinary creations. The menu will include sweet sweets, chaats, and pani puri stations in addition to savory starters, appetizers, soups, and main courses.

P.S.: This is a collaborative post.


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