November 17, 2021

Rural Frames from T.G.Halli Reservoir

At a time when we are slowly going back to travelling our backyards, my visit to Thippagondanahalli Reservoir threw up a surprise. The gates were closed and access to the dam was denied, but further search on the maps led me to a different route through a village to the reservoir. It proved once again that maps aren't totally trustworthy, as the road turned into a mud trail and came to an abrupt end without a cue. However, it was serendipity, as the trail led to lush green pastures and sprawling farmlands where farmers and bullocks toiled away. Beyond the farmlands I could see glimpses of the blue waters of the reservoir with the intimidating Savanadurga Hill in the backdrop. Absolutely picturesque frames on offer!  

Sometimes a wrong route takes you to the right destination!

Travel Information:

Thippagondanahalli Reservoir is 46 km away from Bangalore.

Built over River Arkavathi, this is one of the largest reservoirs near Bangalore.

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