May 31, 2021

Pit Stop!

Pit stops at tiny tea shops, which sell random short eats in nondescript villages or towns are ideal for a break during long journeys. The pit stops mostly offer a much needed and enjoyable break, but they become a mandate sometimes.

The pandemic, lockdowns and norms that we live amidst at present are like a good break for all travellers. Hopefully, travel will be back in action soon, and we all will be on the road again. Until then, let's enjoy a nice and well needed pit stop.

Wayanad, Kerala. January 2021.


  1. Oh these pit stops are really what keeps road trips so interesting...

  2. Been doing those long rides home, eh?

    Enjoyed your chaya and pazham pori? :)

    1. Just one ride in Januray this year. Pazhampori and Chaya must alle.. :) This was in your land.


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