September 23, 2020

Top 5 Amazing European Destinations Nomads Need to Visit

Nomads regularly move from one place to another, and many of them have travelled all around the world. However, there might be some who have not yet visited the vibrant cities and historical areas in Europe. Here are some of the most amazing destinations to visit while you are in Europe.

1. Turkish Spas in Turkey

You would most commonly hear that Turkey is famous for Kebabs and Turkish Delights apart from its carpets and rugs. But did you know that Turkey has some of the best spas you would find in the entire Europe?

Istanbul has approximately 269 spas and wellness destinations and topping all of them is the Cagaloglu Hamami. Suleyman Aga designed Cagaloglu Hamamito has architectural and historical significance. This spa is the final great Turkish bath said to be built just before the construction of great baths was prohibited by Sultan Mustafa III back in 1768.

2. Canals of England

Who said you cannot enjoy an exploration of the English Canals in the UK? There is no doubt that nomads will love an exploration of the canals of England. Most tourists have found narrowboat renting to be a new experience for their vacation and exploration. Chas Hardern is one of the established companies that allow you to rent narrowboats and have a trip down the canal. The most popular routes for nomadic narrowboat holidays in England, as they are known are the Cheshire ring, Cambridge waterways, and Grand Union Canal.
3. Party in Ibiza

The third largest of the Balearic Islands, which is branded as an autonomous community of Spain is Ibiza. Most people tend to believe that swimming is the only activity that they can ever do in the Ibiza beaches.

However, Ibiza is notoriously known to have over 50 heavy electronic-themed party nights. From Glow Neon parties in Es Paradis to Flower Power themed parties in Pacha, they have it all. One of the most famous and favourite parties in Ibiza that brings a distinct type of Urban Flair is La Espuma which is the only foam party available here.

4. Go Island Hopping in Greece

If you are planning an adventurous Mediterranean holiday, Greece would be one of the most magical and wonderful places to visit. Here, you can plan an Island hopping within the Mediterranean Sea in Greece or visit the Iguana Beach in Crete, which is known for its easterly cove and pristine waters.

You can also plan a trip to Kalathos in Rhodes which is less windy or the famous Pelion peninsula which has the tiny caste.

5. Wild Camping in Scotland

Wild camping is a famous activity in Scotland due to its surroundings and atmosphere. Some of the most famous Scottish wild camping sites which you can enjoy are Loch Lomond, Aviemore, Pitlochry, and Glencoe. Of course, there are guides going around these camping sites to preserve its natural beauty.


Make your vacation unique and brilliant by visiting these amazing places. You will be surprised by how much fun you and your family or friends will have.

P.S.: This is a collaborative post. 

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