September 21, 2020

Top 4 Things to Do in Mallorca

Mallorca is known as the main and largest island of Spain in terms of area. It is one of the top 2 most populated places among the Balearic Islands. It is wonderfully filled with breathtaking coastal drives, towns, wineries, hiking trails, cycling roads, limestone mountains, sandy beaches, and private coves.

What are you waiting for? Explore the vastness and beauty Mallorca has to offer!

These are the top 4 things to do when visiting this wonderful place:

Eat Some Amazing Seafood in Palma:

Flying into Palma De Mallorca would be most satisfying when you take time to eat some amazing seafood. You can use this past time to check in on your flight delay cover and a great way to appease your hunger.

The Balearic Islands are known for their passion for seafood and fish. The place indeed has a wide array of traditional menus and fusion cuisines wherein fresh produce is given much importance.You can enjoy food from Michelin-starred restaurants preparing world-class food.

Here are some of the restaurants you can visit:

This 19th Century establishment is owned by an art gallery named Horrach Moyà. The place has a delicious menu of dishes, namely the Rack of Lamb and the Suckling Pig.

One of the most sought after food this store can cook for you is their Steamed Pork Belly Buns, which are worth the try. They also have Soft-shelled Crabs you can feast on, and even have a professional mixologist to bring you top-notch and unique cocktails.

Visit the Mallorca Caves:

There are more than 200 caves around the Mallorca island. Here are some of the caverns you can venture during your stay:

Dragon Caves or the Cuevas del Drach:
It is one of the most striking caves in the area. These caves have canopies that dramatically drip from the ceilings and astonishing stalactites.

Cuevas de Artá:
It is found on the top of a cliff overseeing the Canyamel bay.The entrance room of the cave is similar in size to the nave of La Seu Cathedral. Meanwhile, the Queen’s room is surrounded with formations that grow almost less than a half annually.

Go Kayaking:

Going on a kayaking adventure in the Mallorca Islands is an outstanding substitute for your beach escapade. It welcomes you to the hidden natural reserves of the place which can only be reached through waters.

There are guided kayaking tours to assist you and make the tour easier. You just have to choose the package and the company that works best for you. The most beautiful sceneries are situated on the west and north coast where the Serrade Tramuntana is located. One kayak trip often takes around two to four hours to complete. You can check out some of the best kayak dry suits from

If you love snorkeling, then you may do so in the crystal clear waters of Mallorca. Stony corals and sea anemones dominate the cliffs while moray eels as well as squids are in the unseen fissures.

Take a Spanish Cooking Class:

Lonja 18 is an open kitchen in Mallorca where you can take top notch Spanish cooking classes.
They will teach the great classics of Spain and give you a hands-on cooking practice of a full four-course Spanish cuisine.

You can even incorporate your regular cooking class with a market tour. This shall consist of a directed visit to their famous market called Santa Catalina. This way, you’ll see the fresh ingredients first hand. You will also be guided on what ingredients you need for the recipes you prepare.

P.S.: This is a collaborative post.

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