June 27, 2018

Mangalam Dam, Palakkad

Built over Cherukkunnath river in Palakkad district of Kerala, the sprawling Mangalam dam was completed in the year 1956. Shrouded by verdant hills, walkways and gardens, the dam's reservoir is an ideal spot to stroll around and take in the spellbinding vistas.  The springs and streams from the hills fill up the reservoir once the monsoon sets in. The rains make the place a picturesque one with mist, lush greenery and blooming flowers. Located close to Chimmini wildlife sanctuary the surrounding area of Mangalam dam is also known for its rich avian fauna.


Mangalam Dam is 45 Kms from Palakkad city and the closest town is Vadakkencherry (15kms). There is public transportation available to the dam from Vadakkencherry.


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