March 13, 2018

6 Important Things to Note While Making a Travel Plan

In today’s world, travel has become a significant part of our lives and we have all become frequent travelers. From day trips to weekend drives to long weekend holidays to annual vacations, travel has taken over our lives and we eagerly look forward to our next one. While it is stimulating to plan travels, create itineraries, pack your bags and hit the road, we also need to take into consideration a few things we usually miss out in the midst of all the excitement. Here are a few pointers that would help make your travel a happier one.

Always keep the itinerary flexible: While creating itinerary is an important part of any travel, make sure to keep it flexible. A fixed itinerary with absolutely no flexibility could create problems in case of any unforeseen circumstances. A flexible itinerary would help to make sure that even if the original plan doesn’t work out, you have an alternative.

Travel insurance is a must: Even if the travel is within the country, make sure to get a travel insurance as it covers your medical expenses, luggage loss, accidents or any such unforeseen emergencies during the travel. There is also student travel insurance available for students who travel abroad for their higher studies.

Pack light: Most of the times we end up packing excessive luggage or clothes that are hardly used. Excessive luggage can be a concern at airport check-ins, cumbersome on treks and while travelling in public transport. With regard to clothes, it is very likely that you would require only half of what you have already packed.

Stash additional cash: There are ATMs present all across the world, plastic money is accepted at most places and e-wallets too have become popular these days. However, there might be situations when liquid cash would be the need of the hour. Make sure to carry additional cash and stash them away in your bag. Use it only in case of an emergency.

Carry copies of your photo IDs: Most hotels these days ask for your photo identification cards and carrying copies of the same (driving license/ passport/Aadhaar) would be helpful as you don’t have to leave the originals with them.

Keep medicines handy: While we generously carry biscuits, chocolates and juices during our travel, what we mostly miss out are the medicines. From band-aid to antiseptic lotions to pain balms to pills, you should make it a mandate to mark medicines in the list of things to carry.

P.S.: This post is in collaboration with Bharti AXA Insurance.


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