April 21, 2017

How to spend an amazing week in Florence, Italy

Any good Europe Holiday package will include Italy and its many treasures like Florence, Rome and more like the coast of Amalfi or the Peloponnese. The many attractions in Florence, including climbing the Duomo and visiting the Uffizi make this one of the best places to see in Europe.

Art and historical sites will surround you in Florence and they’re all within easy walking distance, if you have time. Wander through corridors, take photographs of galleries and churches. Dine at some great caf├ęs, restaurants, snack bars and wine bars. Truly, Florence has something for everyone. If you like dining outdoors, visit some open-air attractions that offer a respite from Botticelli and Brunelleschi with some scenic and beautiful gardens.

Duomo is considered to be Florence’s spiritual centre. Brunelleschi’s huge 15th-century terracotta-tiled cupola is still the biggest masonry dome in the world. Built over six centuries, some of the highlights include Paolo Uccello’s iconic fresco of British mercenary commander Sir John Hawkwood.The top of its 414 steps offer breathtaking views and Baptistery doors include copies of Lorenzo Ghiberti’s intricately carved bronze.

Florence University’s natural history museum may not feature in Europe packages but is definitely worth a trip if you have a week to spend in Florence alone. The museum houses a charmingly old-fashioned collection of botanical and zoological specimens, including a hippo that was given as a present to Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo.

It is also home to a series of increasingly gruesome wax anatomical models, sculpted in eye-popping detail between 1775 and 1791 as teaching aids for trainee doctors. The collection’s most gruesome artifacts are three grisly wax tableaux of plague victims and are not for the weak at heart. However, this is what most visitors come for, in addition to the old-fashioned collection of botanical and zoological specimens.

Ponte Vecchio, rebuilt in 1345, after its wooden predecessor was washed away in a flood is the oldest bridge across the River Arno and has been lined with shops ever since. Tourists frequent this bridge for shopping. Piazza della Signoria, a wide square dominated by the crenellated medieval town hall of Palazzo Vecchio is packed with artworks designed to glorify the ruling Medici dynasty.

Any Europe Tour Package would be incomplete without a visit to Italy, but a visit to Italy is incomplete without exploring all that the magical & historic city of Florence has to offer.

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