March 28, 2017

10 Adventurous Destinations for Adrenaline Junkies around the World

A holiday trip is, more often than not, a memory that is treasured and cherished for the lifetime. We tend to spend a great deal of time in planning the minute details with a lot of zeal. And it is rightfully so! The adventure we look forward to is worth the effort, totally!

If these words have excited the adrenaline junkie in you, you are in the right place. Packed with a travel insurance, a daring adventure into the woods or perhaps, a skydiving feat from a plane is the perfect detour from your routine. If seeking such thrills is your cup of tea, read on to find out about ten such crazy destinations for your next vacation:

If you are looking for an unparalleled kayaking experience, Croatia is the place to be. With over thousands of small islands, it offers grade III and IV kayaking along with rafting.

Victoria Falls, Zambia
This place is renowned around the globe for bungee jumping. If you are a true adventurer, this one is a must-have on your bucket list.

South Africa
South Africa is a haven for wildlife safaris. You should visit Umfolozi Park, a place famous for Rhinos and Nyalas.

Fiji Islands
Located in the south Pacific, this travel destination is widely popular for scuba diving. It has earned the sobriquet of ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World’.

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia
An adventure on a similar line, this place offers a host of activities like snorkeling, surfing in addition to kite surfing and body surfing.

Wollongong, Australia
Another destination from down under, Wollongong is the place to be for an ultimate skydiving experience.

Bali, Thailand
Bali is graced with scenic natural beauty with awe-inspiring volcanic mountain ranges. A must visit for nature lovers!

Yosemite National Park, US
If you are looking for a quick getaway while you are on business in the US, this is a great option. It is massively popular amongst rock climbing enthusiasts.

This tiny mountainous nation is home to the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. This one’s a must if trekking and mountaineering is what you are looking for.

Vancouver, Canada
Another one from North America, Vancouver is a great place for a range of activities such as kayaking, hiking, and mountaineering in a single location.

Now that we are all well versed with some of the great adventure destinations across the globe, let's strike something important off from our bucket list too. That’s travel insurance. With a proper international travel insurance plan in place, you can secure total peace of mind while you are away on an adventure. Make sure that you choose a right travel policy that covers all your requirements so that you are not in trouble in case of any untoward incident. If you are taking a trip with your spouse or family, it is advisable to get a group policy rather than an individual one. This will help you save on insurance premium. In addition to this, if you are lucky enough to go on a multi-trip adventure to the same place, get an annual travel policy! That’s it. You are all set for your adventure, bon voyage!

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