May 31, 2023

A Day Trip to Koorumala Viewpoint & Areekal Waterfalls

As the sky cleared, I left the streets of Cochin early in the morning, and made my way to Piravom, a small town, an hour away. The plan was to explore a couple of lesser known and unexplored destinations in this region, and I started off with Koorumala Viewpoint. Winding past rubber plantations and open lands, the road gradually narrowed as I neared the viewpoint. The final stretch has to be walked as the road gets really tapered to a pathway. 

The lady at the ticket counter smiled and said, “You should have come an hour earlier, when the whole place was covered in mist”. I smiled back and walked up the rocky hillock which had a few scattered crosses and a watch tower, a few meters away. The panoramic view from the top was absolutely stunning with mist blanketing the surrounding lush greenery and silhouettes of distant hills. Though this viewpoint is located in Ernakulam district, on a clear day you can get a view of some regions of Kottayam district, and a watch tower located in Alappuzha district. Evenings too are an ideal time to visit here and enjoy the mélange of colours that splashes across the sky as the sun sets. I strolled around a bit before the sun made its presence felt as the mist cleared.

I soon made my way past the winding roads to Areekal Waterfalls, a multi-tier waterfall near Koorumala Viewpoint. The moss laden pathway was a delight to walk on, and the cascading waters could be heard more evidently as I went down. Tumbling over tiers of rocks, the water splashes and fills up the natural pool at the base. You can wade into the pool and enjoy some moments of fun while exploring here. Walked further down along the pathway to have a full view of the water thrashing down and flowing away down to form a creek. I was the first visitor in the morning, and had the whole space to myself. As I meandered along the pathway gazing at the beautiful waterfalls, the cloudy sky slowly opened up with a drizzle. I walked back up to the road, but not before having a quick glance of this hidden beauty near Kochi.


How to Reach:

The nearest town is Piravom, 12 km away from Koorumala Viewpoint, and 22 km away from Areekal Waterfalls. Cochin is the major city near Piravom, 31 km away. It is recommended to visit these places in your own vehicle as public services are not frequent. 

Food and Accommodation:

There are a few eateries near Areekal Waterfalls and a couple of shops near Koorumala Viewpoint.


  1. I love how your blog captures the essence of each place you visit. Your attention to detail and ability to highlight the cultural nuances and flavors of a destination make your content truly immersive. Reading your posts feels like embarking on a journey of discovery, and I can't wait to see where you'll take us next!

  2. Thanks for sharing this blog, Keep it up!


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