July 1, 2020

Islands of Kadamakkudy

Kadamakkudy was half awake as we manoeuvered the car through its narrow alleys sandwiched between marshy lands, mangroves, fish farms and endless paddy fields. There was hardly anyone outside at 6:30 in the morning. Google map wasn’t really helpful as I took a few wrong detours to turn up at dead ends with gorgeous views of the backwaters, fishing nets, slanting coconut trees, paddy fields, numerous birds and a few solo fishermen going about their chores. Most of these islands are still not connected by a road or a bridge and we had to take a couple of make shift ferry services. These are a few small boats tied up together and operated with an engine to help people and vehicles hop on from one island to another. It is an interesting experience to float away with your vehicle on the serene backwaters and enjoy the surroundings.

Kadamakkudy in the suburbs of Ernakulam is a cluster of 14 islands- Valiya Kadamakudy , Pizhala, Cheriya Kadamakudy, Murikkal, Palyam Thuruth, Pulikkapuram, Moolampilly, Kothad, Korambadam, Kandanad, Puthussery, Chariyam Thuruth, Chennur and Karikkad Thuruthu. The islands are majorly known for their large cultivation of Pokkali rice and fish farms.

I wouldn’t say there is a list of places to see or explore in Kadamakkudy. Instead, the place is all about soaking in the surrounding, nature and landscape. The breathtaking landscape and the engulfing tranquility would definitely leave anyone gazing in oblivion. This is a great place for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts who love landscapes and avian fauna. There are more than 70 species of birds around these islands.  With beautiful narrow alleys running through the country side, Kadamakkudy islands offer lovely trails for cyclists as well. The islands are known for its sunrises and sunsets, and it is well recommended to visit Kadamakkudy during either of these times.

Travel Tips:
  • There aren’t any good restaurants except for a couple of toddy shops.
  • Visit early in the morning or in the evening. 
  • If you would like to cover multiple islands, it is ideal to come in own vehicle

Where to Stay near Kadamakkudy Islands:

You could either stay in Cochin and travel to the islands, or check out home stays nearby. It's not always easy to find a place to stay in offbeat places like Kadamakkudy islands. While planning to visit such locations, I suggest you check out the platform, Cozycozy that brings all  hotels, homestays, backpacker hostels, villas, etc. in one place. What I like about this website is that the results are displayed on a map, which makes it easy to find a place to stay based on your itinerary.

How to reach Kadamakkudy islands:

Kadamakkudy islands are 18 Kms away from Ernakulam. If travelling by own vehicle, cross over the islands of Bolghatty, Mulavukad and Moolampilly to reach Pizhala, the main island in Kadammakudy. Alternately you can take a bus from Ernakalum to Varappuzha and then take another bus to Kadamkkudy. There are also boat services from Ernakulam, but the frequency and timing needs to be checked prior to the visit.


  1. Great views... like the complete desolation...

  2. The scenic beauty makes the area charming.

  3. Super post Niranjan. I want to share this at http://kadamakkudy.wordpress.com with due credits to you. Can I get your permission before doing so..


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