October 8, 2019

Top 5 Tips for Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a paradise for trekking enthusiasts. Whether beginner or an avid trekker; the country has something in store for everyone. If you’re planning for an adventure in the Himalayas, here is a list of the top 5 tips for trekking in Nepal that will help you during the journey.

So let's dive straight in!

1. Decide the Trekking Season
Trekking in Nepal is popular throughout the year. A different season offers a different experience. So, it’s better to do a bit of research before you finalize a trek in a random season.

The classic high altitude treks like Everest Base Camp Trek or Annapurna Circuit trek are best during peak season. However, trekking to these places during the off-season can also be as entertaining as you expect. Likewise, many short and easy trekking destinations are doable throughout the year. Keep in mind that popular treks are quite crowded and busy during peak seasons (Autumn and Spring).

Some famous treks like Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo, and Nar Phu Valley Trek lies in the “rain-shadow area” of Nepal. This area lies in the leeward-side of the Himalayas. So, there is little to no rainfall in these places throughout the year. That means you can try these treks throughout the year, even during monsoon!

2. Know What to Wear When Trekking in Nepal

Are you thinking about rocking that new pair of shorts as you trek? Think again. Many trekkers don’t pack appropriately for their trek and end up buying new clothes. Don’t let that happen to you. You need to pack useful items. You need to forget about fashion and trends while buying clothes for the trek.

It’s better to focus on buying the things that keep you warm and comfortable. Invest in high quality when purchasing trekking apparel like down jackets and trekking boots. During the trek, it’s a great idea to layer clothes for the cold weather rather than wearing a heavy jacket on top. It prevents your body heat from escaping. Layers also keep the cold from penetrating in. While packing for trekking in Nepal, pack the clothes you need and discard the rest.

3. Altitude Sickness and Prevention

“Go slow, acclimatize, and hydrate!”

Always keep these 3 things in your mind. Trekking to high altitudes is no walk in the park. You need to be aware of the dangers and risks of trekking to higher elevations. The oxygen level goes on decreasing as you trek to higher altitudes. Your body needs to acclimatize for these changes. If your body doesn’t get enough rest and hydration, you’re at a risk of altitude sickness.

Altitude sickness is a condition that occurs at higher elevations. It can cause nausea, headache, and other problems for trekkers. So, it’s wise to trek at a slow pace, stay hydrated throughout the day. Make sure your itinerary has a few acclimatization days. Taking these precautions minimizes the chances of altitude sickness and keeps problems at bay.

4. Prepare for the Unpredictable Power Cuts
Power cuts are still a thing in rural parts of Nepal. The locals call it load-shedding, and it becomes an issue for many unprepared trekkers. Most trekking destinations lie in remote areas of the country. Some places still don’t have electricity. 
Hotels and lodges use solar panels as alternatives to electricity. As energy is scarce in these areas, trekkers need to pay additional money while charging their phones and cameras. So, it’s a great idea to carry a portable solar charger to charge your devices when trekking in Nepal. You can also bring some high capacity batteries and power banks. You also need to take a torch or flashlight to move around in the dark.
5. Be respectful
Nepal is a country full of wonders and surprises. Trekking in the Himalayas takes you into the rural and untouched parts of the nation. You’ll encounter locals who follow unique cultures and have a simple lifestyle. Around the world Nepalese are famous for their generosity and hospitality. To have the best experience with these people, you need to respect their way of life and their beliefs.

Don’t expect everyone to speak in English. Understand that some things that you think as usual might be a local taboo. So, take your time and collect as much information as possible about the country and the people.

Final Words
Nepal is a country blessed with natural beauty and cultural diversity. Travel enthusiasts from all around the world visit the nation every year and fall in love with the place.

In the end, it’s all about making some of the best memories wherever you go. And with these 5 tips for trekking in Nepal, anyone can make the most out of their journey.


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