September 30, 2019

7 Days guide to Germany

What makes you happy in life? A drive with friends or family in your car with the all time classic songs in the background would be a great way to relax and be happy. Did you know that Germany is a country which is known for its cars, music, rail transportation and beauty in abundance? If this interests you then there could be nothing better than planning a trip to Germany. Other than visiting the birth land of Beethoven, you can enjoy the embedded beautiful landscapes. A trip of 7 days would be ideal to explore this beautiful country. One of the exciting parts of the trip would be rail transportation, and is convenient to access it any time.

List of things to carry while travelling to Germany

Here are the things you should carry for your holiday to Germany:

 Documents: Do not forget to carry your passport, air tickets, identity proof, and visa.
 Cash/Cards: Don’t forget to carry cash or international cards with you.
 Medicines: Make a pouch of medicines you would need.
● Clothes: Winters are pretty cold in Germany. Make sure to carry enough woolens if travelling during that period.
 Gadgets and power banks: Carry your camera, glares, mobiles and of course the power bank for the time when the mobile runs out of battery.
 Baby Essentials: If travelling with a baby, pack some light ready to eat baby foods and medicines.
● Travel Insurance Policy: Germany is an expensive country where the expense of the medical treatment would be high. Hence, buying an International Travel Insurance  policy would be wise as it protects you in the following cases:

1. Emergency medical evacuation and illness.
2. Loss of belongings like money, passport, luggage, etc.
3. Delay in flights.
4. Cancellation costs for flight and hotel bookings.

Here is a 7 day guide to Germany:

Day 1 Munich: Start early after breakfast and head out to see both the contemporary and traditional architecture of the city. Visit St. Peter’s Church to get a sight of the beautiful Alps. The Viktualienmarkt (Victuals Market) would be a great place to shop and eat where you can discover Munich’s beer culture. Be here until lunch and then move to the Jewish Museum, an antique museum that remained even after the Second World War. Munich has vibrant street art scene, so make sure to capture them with your cameras.

Day 2 Black Forest: Buy a ticket and reach the Black Forest as early as you can in the day. It is a dense forest which borders France. The Black Forest is home to many small villages with remarkable architecture. Go boating on Lake Titisee in the afternoon, grab lunch, and make a quick stop at Germany’s highest waterfall in the town of Triberg. For the next day, buy your rail tickets for Lake Constance.

Day 3 Lake Constance and the Alps: As soon as you arrive, freshen up yourself at the lodge. Then visit Lake Constance which is 53kms long and it borders Switzerland and Austria too. Make sure you eat something at the lodge before leaving for Neuschwanstein, your next destination. It is 2hours and 35 minutes away from the lake.

Day 4 A day at Neuschwanstein: You can get a glimpse of Neuschwanstein from Marienbrucke- the Queen Mary’s bridge. You can have your breakfast or brunch at Schlossrestaurant and relax for some time. Soak in the splendid beauty of the surroundings and take a stroll at the Fussen’s City Centre. Visit the Hohenschwangau Castle and feast upon some delectable cakes at Konditorei Kurcafe.

Day 5 Off to Rothenburg: Enjoy the beauty of Rothenburg, and keep your cameras ready to capture the beautiful frames. Take a walk of 2.5 miles that stretches to the city wall. Don’t miss a visit to the iconic Plonlein corner. For the next day’s travel, buy tickets to visit Wurzburg.

Day 6 Wurzburg: Get started early and head straight to Wurzburg Residence. Go to Old Main Bridge to get a view of the statues of saints. Do not miss eating falafel at Veggies Bros. If adventure is in your blood, then hike up the Kappele Church on the hill to get a panoramic view of the city.

Day 7 Nuremberg: You can catch a Eurorail early in the morning. Freshen up at the lodge/hotel and then head to Kaiserburg Castle for pretty city views. The city has one of the largest churches in the country - St. Lorenz. You can then stroll around the Hauptmarkt. Stay here until evening, and later enjoy some drinks at Cafe Bar Katz.

Where do I buy a Travel Insurance policy?

There are many Travel insurers but here are the reasons for you to choose Digit Insurance:

  • Beneficial and economical travel insurance. With a travel plan worth INR 500,000 for 2 people for 7 days in Germany, the insurance costs would be around INR 1338. This would be less than 1% of the total cost of the trip.
  • They cover injuries happening during adventure sports which are not covered by most of the other insurance companies.
  • They have an easy claim process enabled online. You can just give a missed call and their team will get back to you.
  • They will issue a policy with Zero Deductible. It implies that you don’t have to pay for anything. Your insurer will manage the expenses.

P.S.: This post is in collaboration with Digit Insurance.


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