July 30, 2019

Places in Odisha you need to visit for the best wildlife experience

Satkosia (Credit- Outlook India)

Being home to a variety of flora, fauna and natural diversity, Odisha’s wildlife scene is quite an enchanting one. Having a total of twenty-one wildlife sanctuaries, three significant wildlife reserves, three national parks, gorgeous wildlife safaris, as well as two tiger reserves, there’s no doubt at all in what the state offers in terms of an adventurous and amazing wildlife experience.

Some of the most amazing wildlife sanctuaries here are Simplipal wildlife sanctuary, Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary, Chilika wildlife sanctuary, Nandankanan wildlife sanctuary, Satkosia Basipalli sanctuary, Chandaka wildlife sanctuary, Debrigarh wildlife sanctuary etc. While Simlipal wildlife sanctuary of Mayurbhanj District is home to 231 species of avian fauna, 42 species of mammals and 29 species of reptiles, the Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary is an important habitat for wild boars and porcupines, apart from a huge number of saltwater crocodiles. In Chilika wildlife sanctuary, one can spot rare birds including flamingo, billed pelican, white bellied sea eagle and a lot more. Also, in the Nandankanan wildlife sanctuary, one is sure to get enchanted by the white tigers.

Chandaka Willife Sanctuary (Credit- Bhubhaneshwar Buzz)

The Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary is unique and precious in a way that it has historical and also natural significance. It is apparently the jungle where freedom fighter Surendra Sai hid from the British while he planned his rebellion. Besides, it is home to the endangered four-horned antelope, and even has tigers, bisons, hyenas, leopards, monitor lizards and much more. 

The Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary is the only marine sanctuary in Odisha where you can find the Olive Ridley turtles. These turtles come here every year to mate and breed on the beaches all the way from the South Pacific Ocean. The sanctuary is a great way to combine a beach holiday with some marine sightseeing.

Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary (Credit- Odisha govt.)

Apart from the magnificent wildlife sanctuaries located here, you can also visit the wildlife reserves at Simlipal, Chandaka and Satkosia. While Simlipal Tiger Reserve has been amongst the 9 reserves for implementation of the 1st phase of project tiger, the Chandaka Reserve is home to elephants, and the Satkosia Reserve is a prime tiger reserve.

As far as the national parks go, there’s Bhitarkanika national park, Simlipal national park and Nandankanan national park. To experience a close encounter with the wild animals, one can opt for the tiger safari at Nandankanan to spot pug marks of the white tigers or the ethnic Indian Royal Bengal Tigers. Also, the Lion safari introduces visitors to the kingdom of the ruler of the jungles. At Simlipal national park, one can enjoy the thrill of nature, adventure and wildlife by taking a trip in the forest jeep, which brings visitors to the natural habitat of the wonderful creatures.

With excellent adventurous opportunities, one can book an exclusive wildlife tour of Odisha for the most memorable wildlife experience, with lots to see and learn.

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