October 11, 2017

A ride through Pin Valley National Park

Despite being located in Spiti, Pin Valley national park remains secluded from the main circuit of travellers and is a favourite with trekkers. Though the park is known for treks such as Pin Parvati and many others, what fascinated me were its mesmerizing landscapes. The scenery after I took the detour from Attargu bridge were breathtakingly beautiful with endless mountains, valleys and the gorgeous Pin river snaking its way through them. Mountains changed multiple shades as I rode ahead deep into Pin Valley. Known for a variety of rare creatures such as ibex, blue sheep, and snow leopard, the valley is best explored on foot with a trek. However, a ride through its tiny villages and uninhabited landscapes offered spectacular views of the beautiful valley.

From Guilling, a road spirals up to Kungri village known for its monastery which is more than 500 years old. While the roads were deserted all the way till Guilling, Kungri showed a stark difference with kids playing, monks scurrying around and a huge number of locals praying at the temple in the monastery. The colourful interior of the monastery also has lovely frescoes adorning its walls.

Large mountains and tiny villages at its base took me further deep into the valley and to Mudh village, probably the last inhabited place on this stretch. Near Mudh village, what left me speechless was the view of a mountain with multiple colours. I would love to call it Rainbow Mountain for the spread of colours. It was undoubtedly the best frame I saw in Pin Valley. A light drizzle on the way back from Mudh accentuated the charm of the valley.

Travel Tips:
  • There are home stays in Guilling, Sagnam and Mudh. The home stays in Mudh village organize treks into Pin Valley.
  • It is best advised to travel in your own vehicle to Pin Valley as there is only one bus from Kaza to Mudh village every day.
  • The treks are mostly organized in the summer months of April and May and after the monsoons from August to October.


Mudh village in Pin Valley is 50 kilometers from Kaza. Take a right at Attargu bridge while coming from Kaza.


  1. दूसरे फोटो में जो गेट है हम वहीं से लौट आये थे।
    समय की कमी थी, दूसरी यात्रा में अवश्य जायेंगे।
    आपकी सुन्दर तस्वीरे देख अब तो जाना ही पडेगा।

  2. It looks like heaven on earth . Me too planning to go to Pin Valley but cant say , when the dream will become true . Amazing place and beautiful description indeed !!

    1. Thank you. Definitely a mesmerizing place. Am sure you would love it.

  3. Inspiring me to take a ride to this place...

    1. You definitely should. Am sure you would love it. :)



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