September 5, 2017

Beaches of Madh Island

Home to a few quaint fishing villages, Madh island is a nice getaway from the crowds of Mumbai. Located very much within the city limits, this island has a line of secluded beaches. Due to the strong presence of the Naval command, access to Madh fort and a couple of beaches such as Hamla and Marve have been restricted. However, beaches such as Aksa, Dana Pani and Erangal are quite popular. 

View of Global Vipassana Pagoda from Marve jetty

Fresh catches at Marve jetty

Aksa beach

Aksa beach

Stalls at Aksa beach

Dana Pani beach

Rocky outcrops at Dana Pani beach

St. Bonaventure church at Erangal beach is a few centuries old

Erangal beach

Erangal beach

Drying fishes are commonly seen across the island 


  1. Your beaches look really similar to ours. If you visit the fishermans area on our coasts, you will see the same kinds of boats and view.



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