August 9, 2017

The Serene Beaches of Vengurla

Heaps of white sands, endless views of the coastline and serenity throughout the day are what makes the beaches of Vengurla starkly different from any other touristy beaches. Some beaches are so secluded that even travel guides and google maps would find it tough to locate it. However, the locals are the best guides around and would happily guide you there. Most beaches are fishing hamlets devoid of commercialization, are quite clean, have strong waves and are known for their under currents. Vengurla lies wedged between Malvan and Goa, in the southern tip of Maharashtra and offer some of best white sandy beaches on the Konkan coast which are fairly unexplored.

Nivti beach:

Located to the north of Vengurla, this isolated beach in the shape of a horse shoe is known for its blue waters, rocky outcrops and swaying coconut trees in the backdrop. The beach also has a lighthouse deep in the sea on burnt islands, also referred as Vengurla rocks. To the right of the beach, atop a hillock is the sea fort of Nivti. Totally in crumbles, it is just a few stone blocks that remain.

Vengurla to Nivti beach- 37 Kms

Khavana beach:

The first glimpse of this gorgeous beach would urge you to settle down here. With backwaters and coconuts in the background, and white sands blending with the blue sea, this undoubtedly offers a mesmerising frame. With just a few houses, colourful boats and absolutely nothing else in the vicinity, I doubt any visitor would want to leave this paradise.

Vengurla to Khavana- 23 Kms

Vayangani beach:

A couple of kilometers to the north of Vengurla, winding roads across the hills lead to Vayangani beach. Vayangani is a popular beach along this stretch and known for its heap of soft sands, endless stretch of shoreline and green hills in the background.  The sloping sands are a favourite with the locals who frequent here as the sun sets.

Vengurla to Vaayangani- 4 Kms

Sagareshwar beach:

As you go down the hills from Vyangani, a vantage point en-route offers magnificent views of the Sagareshwar beach, the fishing jetty at its one end and numerous sea gulls fluttering around. Sagareshwar is the the most popular beach in Vengurla and this also means that it has its fair bit of commercialization. With rows of numerous casuarinas, the long ‘C’ shaped beach is a popular one with tourists and is frequented by visitors in the evening. The beach also has a Shiva temple and to the extreme right near the jetty is the Vengurla light house. Near the jetty, the fish market is best visited in the evening to see it bustling with the day’s catch.

Vengurla to Sagareshwar- 3.5 Kms

Mochemad beach:

Absolutely secluded and cut off from the main road, the road to the beautiful Mochemad beach goes through a few villages and the last stretch to the beach can be reached only by foot. Located to the south of Vengurla, Mochemad beach remains isolated from the crowd with just the locals frequenting it. This also makes sure that this scenic beach remains serene and beautiful.  The beach which has lovely sands is known for its windy evenings and high tides.

Vengurla to Mochemad- 9.5 Kms

Aravali beach:

White sands greet you at Aravali beach, probably the most secluded beach on this coastal stretch near Vengurla. Cross over the large heaps of sand and the long beach spreads out with just a few lined up boats and nothing else in the vicinity. The beach is away from the main road and a narrow mud road leads to this pristine place.

Vengurla to Aravali- 14 Kms

Shiroda beach:

Further south of Vengurla, the scenic route beyond the paddy fields, creeks and salt plains, leads to Shiroda beach, which has rows of casuarinas in the backdrop.  Though a bit commercialized with ATVs and camel rides, the long shoreline is quite a favourite with even tourists visiting Goa due to its close proximity.

Vengurla to Shiroda- 21 Kms


Vengurla is 545 Kms south of Mumbai and 66 Kms north of Panjim. The closest airport is at Dabolim (88 Kms) and the nearest rail head is at Sawantwadi (28 Kms). There are buses connecting Vengurla with Kudal and Sawantwadi.

Food and Accommodation:

There are restaurants in Vengurla town and near Sagareshwar beach which offer coastal cuisine. Apart from MTDC resort near Sagareshwar beach, there are budget hotels in Vengurla.


  1. Again, a very beautiful place!

  2. Lovely. Looks like a calm and quiet place. Are those the fishermen's boats?

    I love, love, love the pic of the boat in the middle of a dune. What an awesome pic, Nomad!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Nambiare. Yeah, those boats belong to the fishermen.

  3. Beaches are always wonderful place to enjoy a holiday and with so many beaches around it's only bliss. Thank for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the lovely pictures of sandy beaches, boats & casuarina trees !


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