December 26, 2016

Shettihalli Rosary Church, Hassan

The lonely road from Hassan was rarely interrupted by a gazing cattle or a farmer in the distance. I rode on, and without a cue the dilapidated church popped up on the frame, in the middle of nowhere. The Rosary church at Shettihalli looked very much like an abandoned structure from a distance. As I took the narrow trail that led to it, my assumption was reconfirmed. With a few church walls, columns and arches remaining, this church intrigues people with its crumbling state that is presently in.   

Built by French missionaries for Britishers in 1860 CE, the remains of the church stands desolated amidst an open land by the backwaters of Gorur dam. Marred by graffiti all over by visitors, this European styled church was abandoned when Gorur dam was constructed and backwaters of Hemavathi river flooded the area, forcing the then villagers to relocate. 

There are certain destinations which you need to visit during different times of the year and the Rosary church at Shettihalli is one such place. This  ruined church gets semi submerged during the monsoon in the backwaters and creating a gorgeous frame. After the rains, the church resurfaces allowing visitors to walk through its interiors. During the monsoon one can go on a coracle ride with the locals as the water levels rise. The setting sun over the backwaters creates wonderful frames and would keep the shutter bugs engaged. 

Travel Tips:
  • The church is 18 Kms from Hassan town.
  • There are no shops or restaurants nearby.
  • Do not litter the place and carry back your trash (It was quite littered when I visited).
  • Visit during ear;y morning or evening to avoid the sun and for beautiful captures.


  1. Wow I am bowled over by the your pictures!

  2. You have captured them beautifully.

  3. I wanted to visit this place on my last visit to Bangalore but unfortunately didn't... Hoping to go there soon!


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