July 26, 2016

Singapore- First Impressions

I had always imagined Singapore as that distant land with tall magnificent structures, glittering lights, luxury cars, Chinese influence, business headquarters of many organizations, financial capital, port city and fast city life. Yes, Singapore is all this and much more. I wasn't surprised as I saw all that during my visit, but there is more to Singapore than just these.

Green is the colour that welcomed me as I left the airport. Green carpets are laid out everywhere in the form of trees, shrubs and grass. Not even an inch of space is left underutilized and it is immaculately maintained. Undoubtedly the garden city of the world.

The green city looks all the more beautiful when it rains.

After blessings at a gurudwara early in the morning, I walked down the road lined with small double floored structures for some paratha and teh tarik (tea). The place has a colonial charm with nicely lined up buildings. Loved the teh tarik.

Despite rushing around due to the demand of work, I created time to visit a Buddhist temple. Hardly crowded, the well decorated temple had just a couple of visitors.

Orchard road is one of the most popular roads in Singapore. Lined with shops and malls, the place gets swarmed by shoppers and walkers through out the day. Again lined with trees, what pleasantly surprised me was the innumerable birds perched atop the trees and their highly audible chirping. Felt like I was at a bird park. Right in the middle of the city, and that was least expected.

As the sun sets, the city's glittering lights has a plethora of colours. Garden by the bay is definitely the highlight with its beautiful light show. A walk around the park is a surreal experience.

The lit up skyscrapers too look gorgeous in the night.

Clarke's quay is probably the most sought after night life destination. Love the concept of open restaurants.

The Indian quarter has its stark differences which is quite visible from the restaurants, shops and the crowd.

For every Indian, a visit to Singapore remains incomplete without the customary visit to Mustafa centre.

Being a world a city, global cuisines are available in every nook and corner of Singapore. The Korean cuisine I explored wasn't very enticing, probably its taste is an acquired one.

Changi airport offers a wide range of activities for travellers. It is not without a reason why it crowns the list of best airports in the world.

Purely on a business visit, all that I explored was the Jurong Bird park which you can read here. Whatever little I saw of Singapore has been very impressive, and would love to visit again to explore in detail.


  1. Wonderful coverage of the place.

  2. Singapore really is very well-kept, isn't it?
    I hope you get to go see Singapore soon.

    I've seen very little of it. :(

    1. Yes, absolutely immaculate. I too did see very little of it. Hope to explore more next time.

  3. It has been a long time since I went to Singapore but I do love Changi which I transited through recently!

    1. Changi airport offers a whole lot of activities. Definitely one of the best I have been to.

  4. Got to know a lot of things about Singapore. Informative post!

  5. Became more acquainted with a considerable measure of things about Singapore. Useful post!...Thanks for sharing.....


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