November 4, 2015

Indian Rail Journeys

If you wish to make travel experience across India truly memorable, one of the most exciting means to experience travel is by taking a train journey with Indian railway. The Indian railway, with its wide network, takes you to various corners of this diverse land. The landscapes it passes through, the bridges it runs over, the tunnels it speeds through, the numerous lakes and rivers it cuts across and the long list of big, small and unknown stations it stops/passes by are a real treat for any traveller to soak in. The journey throws up a totally new aspect about the country and its diversity. One would witness the setting sun over the arid landscapes of northern Karnataka and wake up to the rising sun over the green landscapes of central Maharashtra the next the day. How beautiful is that?

Not to miss out are the delicious local short eat outs, which vary from station to station. Another interesting part of a train journey is the numerous people you meet on-board. The interactions and the numerous vivid conversations make the journey a very lively one. Similar are the calls of the tea vendor, the groundnut seller or the book seller, which would remain with you long after you have disembarked.

The longer the journey, the more experiences you collect along the way. A journey on Vivek Express (between Kanyakumari and Dibrugarh) or the Himsagar Express (between Kanykumari and Jammu Tawi) would be a breath-taking experience. However, the smaller ones are no short of excitement. Even a ride as short on a passenger train between Shoranur and Nilambur Road in Kerala, which is considered to be one of the oldest rail tracks in the country is a delightful one with gorgeous landscapes splashed all over. The mountain rails which include Kalka–Shimla railway, Matheran Hill railway, Kangra Valley railway, Nilgiri Mountain railway and Darjeeling Himalayan railway are an integral part of Indian railways. Here one would say, ‘slower the ride the better’, as the landscapes are absolutely delightful. One can gaze at them in oblivion throughout the journey and would still remain hungry for more.

Every train journey evokes a sense of nostalgia and déjà vu. Personally, the most etched frames from my many train journeys are those of the deserted tiny stations where the train does not stop. Those few seconds, during which the guard appears so close that the next moment when he goes far away, myriad emotions come forth. He stands there all alone and waves the green flag until the last bogie goes past the curve. Train journeys across India have always and will always be memorable and exciting. Ideally, one of the best ways to experience India is to take a train journey.

This is a sponsored post, but opinions are my own.


  1. Nice sensitive post.Those small stations intrigue me too but it is impossible to break journey wherever one wants.

  2. Train journeys are delightful. As far as Indian Railways are concerned, even the sounds inside the train and at the stations adds to the experience. You tend to miss it when you haven't heard it for a while. :)

    Very nicely put together, Nomad. :)

  3. Nothing like a good train ride... so much so that I am willing to travel for 2-3 days rather than just taking a flight...

    Nowadays I have also realized that I can read a book only on train rides, cut off from other distractions...


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