September 22, 2014

Life is a Journey...!!

Not all travels or journeys are exciting, like backpacking across the Machu Pichu, riding into the Himalayas, diving near the Pacific islands, staying at a luxurious resort in the Alps, getting sprayed at the Niagara falls, hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro to soak in the first rays of the sun, gaping in oblivion at the terraced paddy fields of Bali, witnessing the annual migration in Kenya, relishing the tribal cuisines in Nagaland, counting waves on the beaches of Gold coast, interacting with the Bedouins of Sahara and seeing the Northern lights in Tromso.
Sometimes, life becomes the monotonous journey and journey becomes the monotonous life.

 From a Mumbai local train.


  1. And yet it yielded such a lovely picture!

  2. Journey is to stop someday..but the journey of the mind continues until our last breath..nice post.:)

  3. Hmm, a food for thought. I also wrote a piece on similar lines, probably you can share your thoughts:

  4. Thankfully looking back at them is a joyful thing. :)

    Interesting picture. Did you manage to get into an empty coach?

  5. Wow wat you have written has such great meaning



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