May 7, 2014

Above the Clouds...!!

The flight was yet to leave the air space of Bali, Indonesia. All that the tiny window opened up before me were endless vistas of white fluffy clouds in myriad shapes and sizes. The sky was a beautiful blue with a tinge of orange over the horizon. Surprisingly, amidst this dramatic frame appeared a couple of mountain tops making it all the more encapsulating. It was an absolute delight and I was completely awed to see the mountains sprout above the clouds like that.


  1. That's another wow-shot, Nomad. I'm happy for you -- happy you got that window seat. :)
    Looking forward to the Bali stories.

    1. Thanks a lot, Nambiare. The stories are coming soon.

  2. Beautiful scene of the clouds! See one of my posts with similar experience.


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