February 21, 2014

Has Travel Become Easier?

Gone are the days when road maps and milestones were the only resources to get to a destination. Today, within the reach of a click, you get the distance and route options. On the move, you have the GPS to guide you to your destination. However, I still prefer doing it the old school way by asking the stranger on the road, direction to my destination. Does it not have its own charm? I somehow feel it helps in mingling with people making the journey more interactive. Also there is a lot of fun in getting lost and finding your way back than relying on technology. However, modern day traveller lacks both time and patience to go the old school way. He/ she expects transportation, bookings, comparisons, itineraries and everything related to travel to happen in a short span of time. With all the technological resources available, you can't really complain if the traveller asks for more. If there is technology to help you travel, why not make use of it.

Invasion of technology has brought about a lot of changes, and an increase in the number of destinations has to be right up there. Earlier, people travelled to the same, beaten to death destinations again and again. Those far flung unexplored destinations remained elusive. The reasons were proximity, development and lack of information. With numerous travellers coming out with comprehensive details of both hackneyed and off beat destinations on their websites, it has helped every other traveller explore all those dream destinations. Not to forget are wikipedia and a host of travel websites like wego travel which gives the travel enthusiast all the required information making travel easier in today's world. Information about that distant secluded lake, that lone village over the ridges of a hill, that nomadic tribe in the desert or that unexplored forest patch are splashed across with a click. Flight bookings, train tickets or bus tickets are no more a tough task and is only a few minutes job with numerous web portals running exciting offers. Comparing hotels and reviewing them online has helped in selection of your comfortable stay. Besides helping people travel, companies like airasia  promote travel and tourism with tempting offers for tourists. Internet has definitely helped the traveller to stay updated even when he/ she is on the move. Even though backpacking has always been an attractive mode of travelling, flashpacking is sure to catch up in the coming years. 

It isn't just technology that has helped and brought out the enthusiastic traveller in every other person. There are numerous travel companies who chart out tours, expeditions, motorcycle journeys, treks, family vacations and much more. All those journeys which otherwise seemed almost impossible without a proper guide or a back up vehicle or tenting equipment now seem all the more probable. There is a plethora of stay options too for the travellers. In addition to hotels there are home stays backpacker hostels, shacks and youth hostels to help make your stay a comfortable one. Couch surfing has gone a step ahead to make the backpackers happy. Inviting travellers to stay at your place is slowly catching up worldwide.

All these developments and invasion into travel has created an industry helping both the travellers and the people who help others travel. It has also turned holidaying couples into serious travellers, weekend travellers into longtime backpackers and many travel enthusiasts into nomads and vagabonds. Travel definitely has become easier and travelling has turned into serious business.  

In which ways has travel become easier for you? Please share your thoughts.


  1. Traveling certainly has got a lot easier in many ways. Earlier we had to stand in queues to get a ticket, but now we get with a click of a button!

  2. It has definitely helped with more information about the places you want to see online.

  3. No doubt technology is a boon for traveller. It gives you information at finger tips. Makes it easier to book tickets, hotels etc. But each traveler is unique and brings back his own experience from his travels.

  4. Technology has sure made it easier to travel. And I guess that's why we travel more these days. The GPS Navigation system is such a boon in places where you cannot pull over and take directions from people.

    I love that fact that technology makes it easy to learn about destinations and do my homework on them. And it facilitates vicarious travel too. ;)

  5. How true travel is lot easier, with so much of information available on everything and everyplace,but we still prefer traveling old school type with road maps and directions from locals, this automatically add to adventure.

  6. I agree with all the others. Technology has definitely made it easier. Booking sites, Trip advisor, travel blogs like yours....all helps!

  7. Technology has certainly helped today's travel manifolds in many ways. From booking of a ticket to finding more info about a place, e-tickets, gadgets, mobile phones... all have helped us to travel far & wide.

  8. Ditto to all the above. The internet has transformed the way we travel. We are not dependent on commission based recommendations from travel agents any more :-)



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