July 5, 2013

Responsible Tourism and Mature Actions...!!

The natural calamity that has swept away the state of Uttarkhand is not the first instance where mankind has taken the wrath of nature. There are many such natural calamities which has been a result of irresponsible actions. Nature gives back to you what you give her. Hills are drilled to make roads, the flow of rivers are either diverted or stopped to build dams and trees are cut to construct new buildings. What comes later in the form a natural calamity is definitely a result of these senseless actions. All this over a period of time only leads to soil erosion, landslides, floods, cloud bursts and much more. Without taking into consideration the aftermaths of excessive tourism and developments, authorities have been senselessly coming out with new resorts and infrastructures. As in the case of Uttarkhand and similar other stories, it is not that the calamity washes the place and all is back to normalcy soon. Lives are lost, homes are washed away, animals get buried, ecosystem is dislodged and whatever infrastructure was built flows away with nature. Undoubtedly these need at least a couple of years to get back on track. Hopefully the relief work would get its act done soon and slowly but steadily Uttarkhand would be back to its old self.

Tourism, infrastructure and civilization must be stopped where it has to be. Excessive tourism is one area that the authorities need to take a stern stand on. Places with varied biodiversity needs special attention. It is the duty of every visitor to make sure that tourist and pilgrimage  destinations are kept clean by not dumping waste and plastics at their arm's stretch. If there is a hill that must not be accessed or a lake that must not be waded into or a nomadic tribe which must not be interacted with, so be it. Let those locations and people remain unexplored and unknown because that is what the nature expects from mankind. To all those tourists, travellers, organizers, authorities, geologists and everyone who is in one way or the other related to mother earth- 'Please make an effort to cut down all those excessive developments which are absolutely unnecessary and let us spread the seeds of mature actions/ decisions and responsible tourism to make the world a better and a safer place to live in'.


  1. I agree with you but nothing happens unless we common people really want to make it happen.

  2. Some things never change, we will never learn to respect the mother nature and mother nature will never stop giving us reminder. Last year we suffered drought and this years as off now we are already facing floods in many regions.

  3. You are right.indiscriminate constructions are spoiling the beauty of mountains.

  4. Well written... I remember in school we had a lesson in English about our responsibility as responsible tourists...

  5. Very Nice Post..Indeed we people must learn to adore Nature and its beauty if we really want to care for them...

  6. Extremely right.
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  8. Very True. Unnecessary construction and cutting down of trees has made this state in such a plight.

  9. so true.. Haridwar and uttarakhand is my second home..i am so saddened by the unmindful development and resulting calamity that has happened!!




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