March 22, 2012

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Bylakuppe & Coorg-Red Robes, Prayer Flags, Himalayan Bliss

Tibetan Buddhism though majorly confined to regions closer to the Himalayas, do have their presence in other parts of India, too. The second largest Tibetan settlement (first being Dharamshala) in India is in a place called Bylakuppe, in interior Karnataka. Though it comes under the district of Mysore, its proximity to Coorg travelers usually refer to it as part of Coorg. (Read more..)

Kerala in Rains

When my eyes opened in the wee hours of morning, it was still dark and misty outside. It was raining, and as I rolled down the window pane of the car, droplets of rain sprinkled across my face along with a gush of wind. As the sun slowly woke up from deep slumber, I could see that the forests of Wayanad were greener and fresher than ever. A long drive from Bengaluru through the wet and winding roads of Wayanad district in northern Kerala came to a halt at Kalpetta. (Read more..)

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