August 3, 2011

Deep into the Blue Sea...!!

Mauritius offers numerous water sport activities and exploring another ecosystem is one amongst them. I gave the normal water sport activities like parasailing, banana ride etc. a miss and decided to explore below the blue sea.
Under Sea Walk involves going three meters below the sea level and  getting closer to the beautiful creatures of the water world. After travelling for more than an hour from my hotel I reached the  beautiful shores of Bel mare which is famous for water sports. The beach was crowded with Indian families, honeymooners and kids. I headed straight to the boat which took me deep into the sea. All geared up, I plunged into the blue waters with a very heavy glass mask resting on my shoulder. I was quite excited about getting closer to the colourful fishes and bubbled away to the sea bed. The instructor was quite helpful as he held me so as to make sure that I dont drift away. The tourists are also allowed to feed the fishes. My instructor gave me some fish food and before I could completely open my hand, I was swarmed by a school of fishes and the food just disappeared within seconds. Zebra fishes were the most common species that I found. We were also taken for a walk on the sea bed for a few meters before going up.

Blue Submarine is a submarine which takes you more than 35 meters below the sea level. Grand Baie, situated in north Mauritius is where this adventure takes place. After a boat ride of about 10 minutes I reached the submarine. One has to go down the steps to enter the submarine. With about 10 tourists and a very cheerful captain, we went deeper and deeper into the waters. Though the view of the corals and the fishes were not very clear (Everything looked bluish because of the water and the thick glass windows dint help much), I was witness to some beautiful corals and colourful fishes. There was also a ship wreck which the captain said was not real and was a created one for the tourists. It was indeed fabulous to witness the beautiful marine life so close to my eyes. After about an hour we returned back to the surface. Every visitor on the blue submarine was given a certificate for having travelled more than 35 meters below the sea level.

Going deep into the blue sea was definitely an experience which I would cherish for a long time. The colourful fishes, the beautiful corals, the white sea bed and the blue waters made the adventure really exciting. Now it is time to check out snorkelling and scuba diving.

Signing Note: To peep into the other ecosystems on this beautiful earth is a mesmerising experience...!!


  1. Would have been really a great experience .

  2. Now that must have been an amazing experience!

    Excellent photos, Niranjan!

  3. @ TGS- yes, a great experience

    @ Ash- Yup, it indeed was an unforgettable experience. Thank you.

  4. wow.....must be an experience to remember for life :) the blues look awesome :)

  5. 'Under Sea Walk' sounds delicious! But I hv nvr done that:( The closest I have come to doing anything underwater, is swimming at the Great Barrier, which was unforgettable for the flora fauna beneath. The images in your post are fab! So do tell what is Under seal walk pls?

  6. @ Shylaja.. Yup, a great experience.

    @ Mee.. Great barrier would have been fabulous i suppose.
    Under sea walk involves walking on the sea bed (3 meters below sea level) with the beautiful fishes and corals around you. A memorable experience.

  7. Under sea walk was never in my bucket list. Looks interesting. Should give it a try.

  8. You should definitely try it. Thanks for dropping by and keep dropping by.

  9. ..great pics and amazing post Niranjan! Thanks for sharing:)



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