April 27, 2011

6300 Feet Above Sea Level...!!

Beautifully nestled in the lovely Baba Budan Giri ranges of the Western Ghats is Mullayanagiri. At more than 6300 feet above sea level this is the tallest peak in Karnataka. An impromptu travel to Chikmagalur ended in us trekking this lovely peak. A 20 kms drive from Chikmagalur through the lovely coffee plantations and the winding roads lead us to the base of Mullayanagiri. The roads need a special mention here as they were narrow and the deep valleys looked scary.

The drive was quite adventurous with exceptional scenery all around. As we went higher, the lovely peaks of Baba Budan Giri spread out and the marvellous scenic view made the drive worth the risk. Though we were not interested in any treacherous trekking, we did climb up a couple of small hills to get better views of the wonderful landscape. The only colours that were visible were brown(of the hills), green(of the vegetation) and blue (of the clear sky).

A long ascend of more than 500 steps in a zig-zag manner took us to the top of Mullayanagiri. With the steps being cut out, it was comparatively an easy trek. However the blazing sun did not make things easy for us. A beautiful temple was peacefully perched atop the hill and the 360 degree view from top of the peak was breathtaking. The expansive landscape spread out below the clear blue sky  made for an enchanting view. 

The photo session and a visit to the temple was followed by the long trek to the base of the hill. Mullayanagiri is definitely a trekkers delight and the view from atop is sure to leave every single soul awestruck.

Signing Note : The highest point in Karnataka is definitely a delight for trekkers and photographers...!!

Distance- 265 Kms
Route- Bangalore- Kunigal- Hassan- Chikmagalur- Mullayanagiri


  1. Wonderful pictures... I've trekked a lot in Maharashtra, but would love to venture out to Karnataka some day.

  2. Hi

    Wonderful place

    beautiful pictures

  3. @ Neeraj... Thank you. There are numerous trekking options in Karnataka which you can explore.

    @ Krishna... Thank you.

  4. wonderful pictures and great place .

  5. Very nice pics! Were you able to climb comfortably the fleet of stairs?

  6. Thanks Shubhra. Yup, the climb was easy but it was quite hot. We climbed in the afternoon. Its better to climb during early morning or evening.

  7. Absolutely nature smitten place!!!
    Love it!!!
    So, its near Chikmangalur - OK...
    Hafta go there in near future!!!
    Kidswear at Fashion Panache
    Dakshina Chitra Part I

  8. Yup, You feel so close to nature. Head there soon.

  9. nice pictures...next time, do try out the Sarpan daari...the serpentine trail at the arch of the town and at the base of the hill for the longer trekking route...the trek is even better and gives better panoramic views

  10. Thanks for the info Sankara. will definitely try that next time.

  11. WoW...scenic beauty at its best...stunning views!

  12. mullayanagiri had been one of my fav locations. actually the steps are recent. a few years back, the only way to reach mullayanagiri top was through a 3hr trek from sarpadhri.

    did u trek towards the bsnl tower? thats an awesome trek with deep valleys on both sides.

  13. Nope, we dint trek from Sarpadhri. We trekked only from the base of the peak. just the steps. Would love to do the entire trek sometime.

  14. हम भी जायेंगे, शानदार यात्रा आपकी,

  15. i just visited your blog for the first time, and i had to post in a comment, lovely pictures!

  16. Thank you.. Keep dropping in often.


  17. Lovely place and pics.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Village Girl

  18. Lovely place. Haven't been that way for ages. You got me planning now ;-)

  19. It looks beautiful through your lens.

  20. Hmm...you've been treating yourself to some exotic vistas lately, alle?
    Great job.
    And I have to thank you for these sights. Beautiful!



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